5 Smart Things Telecommuters Can Do to Make Their Home Office More Realistic

Working from home is great, but many telecommuters prefer to maintain the office environment without the office hours and attire. There are many small things you can do to go to an office and enjoy the comfort of working from home.

Room With Door
If you are constantly reminded that you are at home, it will be harder for you to create the right office environment you are looking for so a simple fix may be a door to your home office. Make sure your home office has a door that closes so you can shutout the outside world and focus on your job.

Cover Walls
Cover your walls with as much office information you can fit without it being a nuisance. In a cubicle, you have have pin boards, pictures of family and post it notes. All of this can be recreated in your home office to mimic your cubicle and remind you of being in a regular office.

Teleconferencing is changing the way we work
Teleconferencing is changing the way we work

Video Conferencing
Set up a separate monitor or device so you can teleconference with your co-workers. Teleconferencing makes you feel like you are still just a step away from another person and you can still attend conferences and meetings without missing a step or having the feeling of being left out.

Create Similar Atmosphere
An office atmosphere is hard to replicate in your home but there are a few things you can try like putting on music that is similar to songs you hear in an office. You can also turn on your TV to make it seem as if you are not the only one working. Complete silence can be depressing, but keeping an office full of noise will maintain your sanity.

Match Office Peripherals
Office stores provide everything you need from desk furniture to computer peripherals so it’s not hard to duplicate your office setting from the color to the seating. There are thousands of items you can purchase to make your home office a replica of your workspace so you can have the best of both worlds.

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