HEA Questions: Discouraged Job Seeker

QUESTION: I was hoping to get more advice from you please. I have been applying for jobs and on your site daily continuing my pursuit of a job. I appreciate all the advice and updates you helped me with in regards to my resume and cover letter. Both of them read and look very professional. I‘m aware that I’ve been doing this for almost a week so far but I’m becoming discouraged. I have taken your advice and read through the tips on the HEA website. After I apply for any jobs on the HEA website I go to the companies email or website address to send a short message including my cover letter. Perhaps I just need encouragement but I’m worried I might not find a job. Would you mind addressing my concerns when you have a moment and providing encouragement? I welcome constructive criticism as well.

ANSWER: This is common, we work with thousands of job seekers every year and a lot of them have this same issue. Going to the employer’s site and submitting a resume directly is one of the most effective methods to getting contacted. I wish this process was immediate as well as the results, but unfortunately is doesn’t work that way with remote jobs.

Work at home jobs come in two main categories, we either have the basic jobs that require little skill like data entry or more complex jobs that require specific skills and education and if you don’t match all the qualifications, you don’t qualify. The average member is able to find employment within 8 days if they have all right experience for a job, but many do not so we just have to keep trying and searching until we can find the right job.

The premium membership was started to help job seekers as much as possible to get them a job and it is a lot better than just searching the job database and hoping to get contacted. Providing all these services will not guarantee you employment, but it will increase your chances of getting a job.