Developing Your Style: Hiring a Developer Gets Easier Every Day

Times are moving so quickly thanks to massive technological innovations nearly every day. To ensure your company is moving along with this rapid technological boost, you need to know you have the right talent to handle the web or mobile needs of your business. For some companies, this can be a long and grueling task that may end up with the wrong person hired. Avoid issues and hassles by knowing who you are and what your company’s style is beforehand.

What Is Your Company’s Style

When we talk about your company’s style, we are not referring to how well-dressed you and your team members are. Similarly to your own personal style, your company has a style that sets the tone for public relations, marketing, web design, and many other aspects. You have been setting this tone since you first opened your doors, or maybe it’s your job to come in and clarify what someone else has been trying to do. Either way, setting up your company’s style is not something that will be done overnight or with one design project.

How Can a Developer Help With Your Company’s Style?

More and more, developers are coming to the table with a multitude of tech and artistic skills. At one time, a developer would be highly focused on code and maybe web design in the general aspect. Today, talented developers are more of an artist than ever before, using coding, apps, graphic design elements, illustrations, video, and so much more every single day.

This means your developer is more important to your company and its style than ever before. It also means hiring the right talent has become more complicated than ever before, as well. To find the right talent to take your business to the next level, you will have to know how to hire developers that will get the job done well with a flair that will make your company’s style stand out from the crowd.

Tune Your Developer Hiring Process

Hiring a developer is a bit different than hiring traditional management or team lead positions, even though a developer can make or break a project and can be just as important as any leadership position. It’s not enough to simply post on job boards and then sit back and wait for the right people to just waltz through your inbox. Finding the right developer means using the right process to reach them.

  1. Be specific about what you are looking for and what you need out of a developer. Your job posting should act as a dazzling sales pitch that developers just have to have.
  2. Give prospective clients a small test project. This will give you and other team members a chance to see candidates in action. This is only a test, so make sure it is no more than an hour or so of work.
  3. Don’t blow your money on one ‘amazing’ developer. The truth is, for every rockstar developer there is that can demand a higher salary, there is at least one developer doing a rockstar job for the passion and not simply the cash.