LinkedIn – A 10-Step Guide

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social media platform where millions of working professionals can connect with each other, share interesting content, converse about new ideas and hire new employees.

LinkedIn is the biggest social media platform for working professionals.

It has developed into a useful network hub where you can utilise its resources, users and content to boost your career path forward. The online platform now boasts over 500 million users worldwide and an active userbase.

Why is LinkedIn Good for my Career?

It’s the perfect place in which to grow your professional profile. The modern world is swiftly moving on from the old standard of updating CVs for new job positions. Instead, you simply list all of your experience, skills and relevant work on your LinkedIn profile. This profile can be viewed by your ‘connections’ (LinkedIn’s version of ‘friends’ on Facebook), or by the entire public – it’s up to your privacy settings.

There are many different reasons why users are active on LinkedIn, but all of these reasons revolve around a career. Here, you have the tools and resources to go in any direction you wish.

Due to these career opportunities, recruiters have a very large install-base across LinkedIn. They are very active here. LinkedIn is the biggest lead-generator for them, due to the massive amount of users seeking new career opportunities.

Why Should I Attract Recruiters?

Attracting recruiters gives you the best chance of being hired for the right role. If you give them the right impression from your profile and your experience, you can stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn. It can be a competitive place at times, with so many users seeking employment.

You need to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to turn a curious recruiter into a happy employer.

Experts in both CV writing and recruitment, CV Nation have designed a handy infographic that details all the best tips for attracting recruiters on LinkedIn.