How to Get Your First Job: Five-Step-Guide

You might be still studying or fresh out of school and now finding it difficult to get a job. Most schools don’t teach us how to survive in professional life and make a living. They keep teaching unnecessary facts that, most of the time, are not going to help anyone. 

It’s not a difficult process if you know the right way to do it. Here are some basic tips to help you get your first job. 

Choose a Career

Before you do anything else, you have to choose just one field. Many people say they would work for any job they can get. It’s not the right approach, and these people are mostly ignored in the job interviews. 

You should select one field and become its master. The field you choose should attract you and must be fun for you. Remember that you will have to work the same job your entire life, even in different companies. 

Don’t think that you can switch careers later; it’s not as easy it sounds. If you like designing, only apply for jobs that are looking for graphic designers. You only excel in a field if you keep at it. People who keep changing fields have to start all over as a beginner. 

Learn Basic Skills 

After you have chosen a field, you should start learning as much as you can. It is suggested to choose a skill that is no very easy for the general population. A skilled person never goes hungry and is easily hired. Remember that working at a KFC is not a skill or any similar job. 

There are many online courses and books available free of cost. Use the internet to increase your knowledge and skills. You will learn more about the job market, and it will be easier to impress your interviewer when you already at least basic knowledge. 

Write an Outstanding Resume

You send a resume to the employer when applying for a job. They judge you based on your resume and decide if they should call you for an interview or not. Employers usually don’t have any shortage of resumes when they are looking for candidates. 

You have to write a resume that outshines all others when the recruiter is browsing through resumes. Keep the design simple and content strong. Write a good introduction and mention your education and skills. 

Look for a Job

When you developed basic skills and a resume that tells the recruiters exactly what he/she wants to hear, the next step if start looking for a job. Although it’s the main part, you can’t directly jump to it and expect good results. Here are the two most efficient ways to find a job. 

Get Help of a Temp Agency

Recruitment agencies are always looking for professionals that they can recommend to their clients. You should register with such a service, and they will find you the job you desire. Visit this link to learn how to get a job through a temp agency

Register on Job Forums

There are hundreds of job forums such as Indeed. You need to look for the ones that are most active in your country and register there. Create each profile with detailed information as if your potential employer will personally review it if you want to find a job fast. 

Prepare for the Interview

When an employer will see your resume and if he likes it, he will call you for an interview to see if what you have written is true. They will test your technical and soft skills to see how passionate you are about this job. Make sure you prepare for it and the interviewer sees the difference between you and other candidates.