Top Work at Home Jobs with the Highest Salaries

Job seekers and telecommuters can find a work at home job with a high salary if they have the right experience and pick the right job. It is a common belief that the only way someone working from home could make enough money to make a living was to do more than one job or start their own home business. For many work at home jobs this is not required because these positions have salaries that rival the compensation of any executive with years of experience. The jobs listed below are very popular with telecommuters and virtual assistants because they are always in high demand and provide the best pay for part-time and full-time employees.

Our company offers work at home job listings in every industry and the salaries are increasing every year as more people choose to work from home. In the past workers use to be satisfied with just supplementing an income, but now they want decent salaries and benefits which many of the work at home jobs are now offering.

Accounting includes bookkeeping and other finance related jobs such as tax professionals. Accountants are needed in small and large businesses to handle their finances and bookkeeping which makes them a vital part of any business that wants to operate efficiently. Accounting is one of those jobs that actually pays higher if the person works at home. Accountants are known to make up to $26,000 a year as a starting salary to more than $52,000 a year for those with experience and a college degree.

Editing includes proofreaders and copy editors. Editors are needed for writers and all types of publications. Editing is a position that is made for telecommuting because most work can be transmitted by email or over the Internet. Editors can make a starting salary of $21,000 a year to $45,000 a year for experienced editors.

Education is becoming a very popular online job for tutors and retired teachers. The pay is good and the educators can work from home and set their own hours. Saving money on gas and school supplies is also one of the reasons why online teaching is becoming more preferred. Online educators can make $15,000 a year for part-time tutors to $61,000 for teachers with a masters degree or PhD.

Medical Transcription
Medical transcription are work at home jobs that are in constant demand. All types of medical transcribers are needed for doctors and hospitals to transcribe their medical reports from documentation. Medical transcribers can make $25,000 a year to more than $59,000 a year for applicants with more than 3 years of experience.

Computer Programming
Computer programmers also include web designers and software developers. Programmers are in very high demand for many businesses because a lot of companies need websites, software and scripts to run their business. Computer programmers can make between $30,000 to $72,000 a year.

There are many more work at home jobs with good salaries being offered every year as working from home and telecommuting becomes more popular for workers in all professions. Low salaries and no benefits are some of the downsides of working from home, but this is beginning to change as more companies start allowing telecommuters to work for them from home.