Struggling to Find Work? 5 Great Resources to Look At

If you are struggling to find work, do not let your frustrations get the best of you. Know there are effective tips that can help you in your search for a job. Any of these five resources might be able to assist you with those efforts.

1. Family and Friends

You should be more than excited to open up to your family and friends about your career goals. If you have anyone that doesn’t share your excitement, you should be open to their feedback, though. Your loved ones might have better recommendations you have not yet considered.

They might know people in your community who can help you, too. Introductions could be made to key figures in the know, and you could more easily find work. Your family and friends also could help you secure some temp work until something more permanent is found.

2. Online Job Boards

There are many great job boards online for you. When you turn to them, you can zero in on exactly what you want. You also have access to valuable information about any of your potential employers.

For those of you with a disability, you have job board resources, too. There are many disability job boards online that you can use to help find a job that fits you.

3. Former Teachers

Do you stay in touch with any of your former teachers? You should loop up with them to see what ideas they might have. Even if you haven’t spoken to them in a long time, they likely would be happy to help you.

If you do not have current contact information for them, you can reach out to your former school. You also could see if your teachers have social media accounts. Just be sure to edit and proof-read any communication before sending it to them.

4. Nonprofits

Nonprofits can be a great resource for you, too. Some nonprofits offer their clients access to coaching and tools that can be very useful in your job search. Do not be afraid or embarrassed to reach out for assistance. That’s what those organizations are there for, and they can greatly help you.

You also could volunteer with nonprofits. This will look great on your resume and give you extra tib bits to discuss in interviews. Plus, many working professionals, elected leaders, and government officials get involved with these organizations. You can meet key movers and shakers and increase your job prospects. You also could more easily snag your desired position.

5. Industry-Specific Events

Only seek work in a field that you know you will enjoy and don’t throw your resume in every direction. As frustrating as this current job search can be, having to repeat this process could be even more stressful for you. The ongoing process of applying and waiting can wear you out. You should try to narrow your focus. Then, make sure you are always on the lookout for networking events that are industry-specific.

Reach out to your local chamber of commerce and read the news daily. Both of those resources could highlight ways to meet people in your preferred industry. See if there are job fairs to attend nearby, too. Pay attention to your appearance and always put forward your best self.

Best Wishes on Your Job Search

Any of the aforementioned resources could help you. Take time now to prioritize your utilization of these ideas and never give up on your goals. Keep this list handy and check back from time to time on your progress. Also, best wishes on your job search and know you can do this. Your struggle will eventually come to an end.


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