How to Create a Remote Workspace That Sets You Up for Success

Working remotely poses a unique set of freedoms and challenges within your day-to-day schedule. It is fantastic to be able to sleep a little more, roll out of bed, skip the commute, and get to work right in the comfort of your own home. However, we can easily get side tracked and distracted when our home becomes our office. To stay productive, consider these tips and tricks to set up the perfect remote workspace.

Establish a Dedicated Space

For starters, you should identify a space that presents minimal interruptions. There are many distractions at home that individuals do not have to face at a job site. For instance, the dog barks at the mailman, your roommate has a friend over, and the list goes on and on. Every time your concentration breaks, precious time is lost. To keep your focus, choose an area that is away from the noise. No matter if you live in a house, apartment, or a shared living arrangement, having a defined place to work is crucial. Even if you don’t have the luxury of a separate home office, there is always a spot for you. Be innovative and consider a creative workspace such as a nook, loft, or a designated corner of your bedroom. Either way, find what suits your needs and avoid distractions at all costs. 

Stay Organized 

Keeping your designated work area clean and tidy is critical to your success as a remote professional. Clutter in other parts of your home can creep into your work room overtime.  Disorganization can cause confusion when looking for important documents and materials that are lost in a mess. Keep chaos and unrelated items to a minimum in your working environment. Then, ensure that any work-related belongings are stored neatly. A perfect solution for getting organized is investing in accessible storage containers. This will keep your essential supplies in the right place at all times. It can be helpful to organize by category, too. Staples such as writing utensils, paper clips, and rubber bands can all be neatly kept in desktop storage. A storage cart with wheels can be another great way to organize binders, notebooks, and larger items. It also can be wheeled around your home for your convenience and tucked away when not in use. Be clever when organizing and find what is best for you. Whatever organization system you use will have positive impacts on your performance.  

Invest in Ergonomic Furniture

Ensuring that you have a setup that promotes your health is important. You don’t want to subject yourself to a working environment that is not conducive to productivity. Taking advantage of ergonomics can improve your overall well being. You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort either. Ergonomic furniture with a sleek and modern design can help alleviate discomfort and fatigue. A properly designed chair supports your back, which can help to improve posture and combat slouching. Your desk should allow your monitors to be at a proper distance and at eye level. A keyboard tray can also be helpful. It is incredible how simple changes to your workstation may help you feel more alert and comfortable. 

Install Proper Lighting

Ideal lighting can also be refreshing and help improve your workflow. A window provides wonderful natural light that can brighten any space. However, If you don’t have a window you can supplement natural lighting with some fun alternatives. Consider a desk that has built-in lighting; such desks can help to illuminate your work surface. You can also bring in a lamp. For instance, a desktop lamp with a flexible arm can help you direct the light where you want it to go. For a more personal touch, use hanging lights. Have fun with lighting to bring life to your space.

Embrace Technology

Technology is a key component of your remote working arrangement. Make sure that you have the equipment to get the job done. For example, dual monitors in your workspace can help your efficiency. Having more than one monitor allows you to compare important documents side by side and may help to ease eye strain. Another helpful tool is an all-in-one home printer that scans, photocopies, and faxes. It will allow you to communicate and send important correspondences. Don’t sacrifice technology and inconvenience yourself just because you are working remotely.

Personalize Your Space  

Make your workspace feel like your own through personalization. Adding personal touches can help lift your spirits and inspire you. You can decorate your space with DIY decor by stenciling motivational quotes on an accent wall. Also, think about bringing in some pictures of your friends and loved ones into the space. Surround yourself with found memories to set a cheery mood. Endearing details will help foster a positive mindset and make you feel like you can accomplish your goals. The power of positivity is mind-blowing, and will boost your confidence and efficiency. 

Being a successful remote worker is within your reach. There are practical and fun tips to help you live up to your full potential. Sometimes all it takes is implementing a small change. Put yourself first and dedicate some time to set yourself up for success. 


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