4 Ways to Improve Productivity As a Remote Worker

Ever wondered how remote workers can be so productive with the many distractions that come from working outside the office? Chances are they have done immense prep work to ensure they are efficient and are able to work diligently without the restraints of a cubicle. It takes both good time management skills as well as a clear understanding of your job responsibilities to be a successful remote employee. All too often those who choose to work from home get easily distracted, off-task or waste company time doing things that aren’t work-related. If you are someone who is finding it to be a struggle to consistently meet your expected work output while not in the office, it may be time to reevaluate your workflow process. Here are some tips that you can use to make the necessary changes, and increase your productivity while working remotely. 

The Ideal Workspace

Although many of us think we can multitask, whether it be trying to complete an assignment while watching our favorite show or cooking a meal while on a conference call. In reality, this isn’t possible. Our brains are trained to only focus on one thing at a time. So while you may think you’re retaining important information as you simultaneously trying to complete a separate assignment, your brain and motor skills are instead occupied elsewhere. Finding the ideal workspace is what will help you limit distractions to get work done most efficiently. Find a room in your house or apartment that is quiet, remote, and eliminates any outside interruptions. Consider investing in a desk or a proper workspace as well. Doing work while laying in your bed won’t lead to you being your most productive. Finding your sweet spot for better workflow is the first step to becoming an exemplary remote worker.

Taking Breaks Is Okay

If you’re a workaholic like many of us are, you may think taking breaks other than your designated lunch hour each day is a cardinal sin. However, it has been proven that taking short breaks once every hour is healthy and gives our brain time to rest and recharge. Step away from your computer or work area for five minutes at a time, either to use the restroom or complete a household task to take your mind off work and avoid work-related stress. When you are able to work with a clear mind, and can give a project your full attention, it will almost certainly result in a more refined finished product.

Utilize Third-Party Tools

Streamlining a busy workload can be difficult, especially if you are managing multiple projects simultaneously. G suite, automation software, or user analytics software like Sisense are all great third-party tool options that can save time and improve workflow. New programming is continuously being introduced to help companies better allocate manpower and more adequately plan projects to meet budgets. The same goes for remote employees to assist in both corporate communication and day-to-day responsibilities. Having and utilizing these tools to ease the stresses of work can make working from home simple and straightforward.

Plan Your Day Ahead of Time

For many, figuring out what needs to be accomplished and how to manage your time on a given day can be one of the biggest challenges of working remotely. Without supervision by a manager, you may sometimes feel lost or stray from the beaten path. Try buying a daily calendar to plan out your obligations by the hour, if necessary. Being able to check off each item of your day once you’ve finished it will give you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. There are also online calendars that allow you to set reminders and send invitations for meetings as well. Regardless of your system or organizational preferences, making sure that you are adequately prepared beforehand for meetings, conference calls, and projects for the day is vital to being successful while working outside the office.

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