The Best Work at Home Jobs for Students and Recent Graduates

Students and recent graduates today are looking for jobs that will allow them to make a decent living right out of college. More and more graduates are finding it hard to get the job they want at the pay they prefer. Work at home jobs are becoming a more desirable choice for students and recent graduates. Not only does working at home allow students to save money on gas, it also provides the extra benefit of making an income from their homes. We have compiled the best work at home jobs currently available below for those just entering the workforce.

Accounting Jobs
Accounting and other financial related positions like bookkeeping and tax preparation are very popular options for people who work from home. The starting pay can be as high as $13.00 an hour. Accountants balance the books of small and large companies and they serve a vital role in the running of a smooth and successful business. Tax preparation is becoming the most sought after job in the finance industry because the demand is always high. Many duties an accountant does can be performed from home, all a person needs is accounting software and reliable Internet access for communication with the business.

Customer Service Jobs
Customer service is by far the most popular work at home position available. The demand for customer service professionals is always high and with so many companies vying for talent, the pay is very competitive with some pay rates starting at $21.00 an hour. The relatively low costs and entry level experience required to get started are a few of the reasons for it’s popularity. The main qualifications for a customer service job is a dedicated phone line, fast Internet access and a pleasant speaking voice with the ability to think fast and handle a variety of issues.

IT Jobs
IT jobs come in many forms from technical support and web design to software development and engineering. Jobs in the IT industry usually pay very well from the start with many graduates making as much as $54,000 a year. A majority of all companies today need some type of IT work done especially for creating websites. If you know how to design a very good website and have a rudimentary understanding of the different programming languages, you will always be able to find employment. Most IT professionals are freelancers and the majority of the jobs received are temporary and usually found on freelance jobs sites, but many large companies are hiring for permanent and long term positions.

Sales Jobs
Sales jobs are always popular because every business requires some form of sales in order to make money. Sales positions are not as popular as other jobs because the position requires a person to make a sale in order to receive pay or a commission. These jobs are usually the last resort for those looking for a work at home job. Sales support is the most popular choice because it pays an hourly rate and is similar to customer service. Like customer service, the qualifications needed are low and no special software or equipment is required to get started.

Transcription Jobs
Transcription jobs can encompass many fields such as medical and legal. Transcribers are also in very high demand by companies particularly for work at home. Although special schooling is needed to get a job, most people only need to take a year of classes to be certified. Finding a job in transcription is the hardest part, but once you get your foot in the door and get some experience, you will always be able to find short and long term employment. The salary for transcriptionists are very competitive with most making over $36,000 in their first year.

Our company receives many recent graduates looking for a job they can do from home. Many are discouraged because they believe many companies prefer experienced or qualified applicants. Although this is the case with many employers, a few will hire entry level workers, students and recent graduates to fill their job openings. It is true that it’s harder for graduates to find employment, but not impossible in today’s job market. With a lot of hard work and patience, they will be able to find a job in the right company with a good salary, explains Marie Surles (CEO and President of, one of the most popular online job sources for work at home job openings.)

Recent graduates do face an uphill battle for employment and getting that first job after finishing school or college, but like most issues it can be solved with a little ingenuity and assistance from the right places.