Testimonials: Kathy Johnson

Kathy Johnson found a job as Virtual Assistant 8 days after joining HEA-Employment.com. She has been searching for employment since 2009. Her job success tip is to signup for job alerts using specific criteria so you will not receive a a bunch of scam emails. Don’t just enter the job title, also add your specific location, experience and make sure to exclude any scam words like “survey” or “today”.

Her full testimonial is below:

“Thanks for all your help. I located a job this morning and I start next week. I appreciate the support and assistance Hea gave to me since becoming a member of your organization. I will recommend you to everyone that is looking for a legitimate company offering home jobs.”

Member #: 0160432
Location: Bakersfield, California
Date Joined: 01/21/2013
Date Hired: 01/29/2013
Desired Job: Virtual Administrative Assistant
Employer: Zirtual, Inc.