SEO Advice for Job Seekers You Won’t Want to Ignore

The job market is very competitive. Professionals in any industry are aware that job openings in highly coveted positions are bitterly contested. Applicants are not aware that recruiters google your name to help shortlist their candidates.

This begs the question, how is this information going to help me? The answer is to learn about the process – and a little Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – so that applicants can get a leg up on the competition.

Google yourself, check out what recruiters will find about you. People with common names and similar names with celebrities will be hard pressed to find information about themselves. This is good for privacy, but it’s bad for those seeking to advertise themselves as a brand and land an employment offer.

Controlling the Information with SEO

In most cases, your Facebook and LinkedIn pages are the most relevant search results that people find. There is nothing wrong with that if you want to show photos of your dog to your potential employer. If you are looking to show off your skills, here are some SEO tips to help you get that dream job.

Fix your Social Media Accounts

Personal Facebook accounts should remain personal. There are privacy options on Facebook that allow you to hide it as much as possible. Create a separate professional Facebook account or let your LinkedIn account handle your professional life. Make sure your LinkedIn account is complete and keywords related to your profession are inserted in your description.

Fix the URL on your social media accounts. There is an option to change the URL’s on their settings page. The names tastychocolate, travelislife, and godsgifttowomen are fine for your personal account, but if you want to be found by recruiters, use your real name.

Write Articles

You can write about your experiences and create your own blog or post them on your LinkedIn account. Flaunt your real-world exploits with well-written articles. Write in your native language if necessary. If you can flood Google’s first page with articles about your experiences, then you can pretty much guarantee an interview.

There are plenty of websites and industry-specific pages that lets you contribute content for free. It is a requirement in the medical, legal, IT, marketing and business consulting positions. I always find it amusing that people claiming to be digital marketing experts, yet they can’t write a good article about themselves.

Backlink your Profile and Articles

It is easy to figure out the relevant key phrases for your desired position while article writing. Backlinking them to your professional social media page and blog will boost their rankings.

There are backlinking services that can boost your best articles to ensure recruiters see your most relevant experience. Having your best foot forward with search engines will get you one step closer to that job.


People search for brands when purchasing products. The same applies to head-hunters when searching for candidates. People should consider their skills and experiences as a brand. A little Search Engine Optimization knowledge doesn’t hurt anyone and is a great way to find great jobs. Fixing your social media information, creating content, and commissioning SEO services will assure that anyone searching your name will find what you want them to see.