10 Ways to Unwind When You Work from Home

Lockdowns resulting from the global pandemic have increased the number of people working from home in Poland and many other European countries.

The idea of working from home and avoiding traffic jams or being stared at by the boss seems to be a good option. However, working from home comes with its challenges as we pile the pressure on ourselves to get the job done. Failure to manage some of these issues can lower our productivity.

Our expert on this topic, Jacek Michałski (you can link up with him here), explains some of the best ways to unwind after work.

1. Play a Video Game

Many people have resolved to play various types of online games as one of the approaches to relax after work in modern times.

Research shows that playing video games is beneficial for your mental health, which explains why millions of people in Poland partake in this activity.

If your job doesn’t involve you staring at a computer screen all day, then this is one sure-fire way of releasing the tension and getting rid of work-related stress.

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2. Turn Off Alerts

Nothing is more frustrating than finishing the workday and then still being tempted to reply to emails to get a head start on tomorrow. Close that laptop, turn off all alerts and leave it until the morning!

3. Go for a Walk

If you’ve been at home (and working) all day, then you need to feel the fresh air. As soon as work is over, head out and do not bring your phone! Walking is a very well established way of destressing.

4. Cook

If you struggle to switch off instantly and need to keep busy when work finishes, stay away from technology, and simply cook a meal.

Many people love to meal prep. However, coming up with a dish when you finish work takes your attention away from the daily grind and helps you calm down.

5. Make Time for Some Fun

You can do tons of things, such as going for a run or taking a gym class. Don’t always leave these activities for the weekend. You should schedule them for weekdays after work to break the day up.

6. Indulge in Your Hobbies

Again, whatever your hobby is (we’re not judging), you should not leave it until the weekend. Whether it’s photography, painting, or even collecting stamps, you can do this during the week when work is over to forget your responsibilities.

7. Pamper Yourself

Remember, relaxing in a bath or performing a skin routine is not just for the ladies and not just for the weekend! If you’re feeling stressed, get some candles around the bath and put some music on to soak away the daily grind.

8. Take an Online Course

If you’re not too bored with the computer screen, use some of your after-work downtimes to take a course. Whether you fancy a new qualification or feel like learning a new language, the hours after work are perfect for this and can lead to you feeling a huge sense of achievement.

9. Stick to Your Finishing Time

When working from home, many of us are tempted just to keep going, to get through that ever-expanding to-do list. Don’t. If you are scheduled to finish at 5 PM, then do so, and look after yourself for the rest of the evening.

10. Listen to Music

Music is food for the soul. Whether you prefer lying down with the headphones on or dancing around your kitchen with the speakers on full volume, music is a proven way to destress after a long day at work, even when work has meant being at home all day.

Above are just a few examples of what you can do to unwind while working from home. Pick some of the activities that suit your lifestyle, experiment, and have fun. You can as well have different days for different activities.


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