How to Find a Work At Home Job Fast

Millions of Americans would love to work from home, but actually finding a work at home job can be difficult. We will help you learn how to find a work at home job and how to find one fast.

Check the Job and Make Sure It’s the Right One
The number one mistake remote job seekers make when searching for work-at-home jobs is applying for jobs that do not match their experience or qualifications. When an employer looks over your resume, they can figure out in a few seconds whether or not the candidate is a good fit for their position. Make sure you look over the job carefully and have all the required skills listed before applying. You should create a cover letter that lets the employer know that you have all the requirements and skills needed to perform the job which helps them make an informed decision a lot faster.

Create a resume that will get and keep the employer's attention

Create a resume that will get and keep the employer’s attention

Follow-up Within a Few Days After Applying
After three days, send the employer an email or call them asking them for the status of your application. Most recruiters and job experts recommend applicants wait at least 2 to 3 weeks for a response. However for work-at-home jobs, it is better if you contact them quicker because most employers that hire remote workers, hire them quicker than other jobs. When contacting the hiring manager, give them your full name and tell them when you submitted your application and that you’re motivated and ready to work for their company and please consider your resume for their work-at-home job opening. Remember to be courteous and tell them thank you and you hope to hear back from them soon.

Give a Strong Interview and Presentation
Most interviews will be conducted over the phone or via a video conferencing platform like Skype or Google Hangout. The interview is where an employer decides if you get the job or not so be prepared to give a strong interview and present yourself in a professional manner. Tell the interviewer about your experience and education and why you will be a great fit for their company. Refrain from using common word and phrases such as “self-motivated”, “team player” and “excellent communication skills”. If they ask you if have the computer equipment and software requested, tell them yes and that you are willing to purchase any other item necessary to do the job. We also recommend that you research the company before an interview so you know everything possible about the firm and how your experience can help them grow.

Finishing Touches
After the interview, send them a card or letter thanking them for contacting you and you hope they’ll be in touch. Don’t go so far as to make yourself out to be the best candidate that ever lived, but try to come as close as you possibly can to making them believe this fact. After reading your resume or listening to your interview, the employer has to come away believing you are the best person for the job and they do not have to look anywhere else. You are competing with hundreds or possibly thousands of applicants for every job you apply for, you have to stand out to get the job and get one fast.