Best Job Search Tips to Find a Legit Work at Home Job

Finding a legit work at home job can be stressful and time consuming. Job seekers come across a hundred scams before they actually find a legitimate work at home job. The best job search tips for job seekers looking for a legitimate work at home job are listed below. These tips will make your job search a lot easier and scam free.

Our company has been providing access to legitimate work at home jobs for over 15 years. We had to go through thousands of scams just to find one legit work at home job so we know and understand what job seekers today are going through to find that right work at home job. The best tip we can give potential job seekers is to always double check the position and the company offering the position to make sure everything is legitimate and there are no red flags. Angela Kane (Sr. Customer Service Rep. for

Search the Right Job Boards
Searching the right job boards is critical to making your job search easier. Some of the best job boards for legitimate work at home jobs are, and These job boards are the best because they have filters that stop scams and fake jobs from being posted on their job boards. Stopping scam artists from populating job listings ensures job seekers will receive access to only the best work at home jobs available. When searching job boards, job seekers also need to know the best information to enter into the search fields. Many job boards just have a “keyword” field and a “Location” field. Any words entered into the “keyword” field should be encased in quotes to get an exact match. For the location, we recommend leaving it empty if you want a job that can be performed from anywhere or your state for a local job.

Spot Suspicious Information or Red Flags
Spotting suspicious information or red flags isn’t easy. Scam artists are able to hide their information in a variety of ways. The most common method is telling the applicant that they will be doing basic data entry which includes entering information into a form. However once the details become available, the applicant learns they will have to sell something or post information in order to get compensated making the job a commission-only sales job and not a data entry job. Using popular words in the job descriptions to lure people into applying is a common practice for scammers.

Research the Job and Company
Job seekers should research every job and company. Legitimate jobs will have job descriptions explaining exactly what you will be doing, the experience required to do the job and contact details such as a phone number or mailing address. Some jobs also provide company profiles that tell the job seeker more about the company. If a web address is provided, visit their site and read everything available. Also make sure to check with the BBB and online for any issues or problems that others have had with the company in the past

Aside from these job search tips, please remember to never give out your bank account, social security number or other unnecessary personal details to anyone until you can be sure they can be trusted with your information. Finding legit work at home jobs is difficult but not impossible so be patient and keep searching.