4 Job Hunting Tips for Moms

Hold onto your child’s toy horses, jumping back into the workforce can feel like a crazy ride. Between the endless job openings and scarce interview invitations, job hunting can be a major blow to your self-esteem. But, there’s work to be done and passions to be entertained. It’s time that you win back the confidence you deserve as you make the transition back into the workforce. Here are the five job hunting tips for moms.

Boost Your Resume

When it comes to job hunting, boosting your resume should be the first order of business. Tie up loose ends, like the timeline of your most recent job, and refresh your references. Prepare an explanation for your unemployment gap, too. While hunting down your next gig, take the free time to get certified in new tools for your industry. Certifications have endless rewards. They impress potential employers, prepare you for work, and boast an average of a 3% pay increase for those with a bachelor’s degree. Google, Adobe, Salesforce, and HubSpot are among the most popular. Consider certifications that are industry-specific so you can become the most qualified candidate.

Consider Workplace Flexibility

How many times have you unexpectedly woken up at 3 am to soothe a crying baby? Motherhood and flexibility go hand and hand. Your future workplace should be the same, too. When searching for jobs, consider company leniency. If your kid catches the flu, make sure you can work remote to help them recover. Since more companies have embraced the “home office”, the only requirement should be a high-speed internet service so you can stay up-to-date with assignments. Consider PTO as well, you probably don’t want to miss their first day of school. Company values shouldn’t be overlooked. A healthy work-life balance can help you maintain a passion for your job and a presence in your family’s life.

Evaluate Your Skills and Interests

Searching through thousands of job listings can be overwhelming. To help refine your search, begin by asking yourself what do I want to be doing? Don’t just revert to your role prior to motherhood. A lot could have changed from then to now, including your skills and interests. Take sales for example. Just because you loved it before doesn’t mean it’s right for you now. Evaluate your interests and find a market that will combine former passions with the new. Online tests like Skills Matcher can even assess your skills and match them to prospective careers.


One thing that likely hasn’t changed since your last role is the importance of networking. Sometimes, it’s not what you know but rather who you know. In 2016, 70% of people were hired where they had a connection. Reach out to friends, family, community members, other alumni, and former co-workers. Spread the word about your interest in diving back into the workforce. You never know what conversation could land you an interview (or better yet, a job).

If you managed to change a diaper and soothe an upset baby, you can get through your first job hunt postpartum. It may take some effort on your end but with a little refresh, a lot of consideration, and constant networking, you can land your dream role (besides being a mother, of course).