10 Incredible Work From Home Jobs for Moms

Millions of moms are working from home doing all types of jobs. Many are working for companies where they had to work on site. If you are a mom that needs to find a new job or supplement an income, there are hundreds of work-at-home jobs moms can choose from that require little to no prior experience and are very easy to get started.

Appointment Setter
An appointment setter schedule appointments for all types of firms. The setters either contact existing clients or cold calls new customers to set appointments. The job requires very little experience except for customer relations skills and the pay can be as high as $800 a week.

Fact Checker
Fact checkers research and verify the validity of information for companies. Checkers are mostly needed by writers to check the facts of information received from various sources. Candidates must have a meticulous eye for detail and a level of comfort doing a large portion of work over the phone. Pay varies and is competitive and only a high school diploma is required.

Online moderators can make hundreds of dollars a week

Online moderators can make hundreds of dollars a week

Online Moderator
Online moderators mitigate message boards and forums. The job is very simple to do and requires no experience to start. Also known as subject matter experts, moderators must be well versed in the subject of the board to assist posters and help them find the information they are seeking. Duties include reviewing and tracking user content, taking action on content (such as hiding, deletion, user response, or escalation), seeding topical content and posting topical messages as part of ongoing discussions. moderators usually work part-time and are paid weekly. Pay ranges from $100 to $600 a week depending on experience and the topic propitiated.

Court Reporter
Court reporters record and transcribe courtroom proceedings. Reporters will have to either go to a courtroom or listen to a recording to transcribe. Court reporters are similar to transcriptionists and are in demand in every state in the country. A median salary is $1200 a month for part-time employment, prior experience is preferred but not necessary and training is usually provided.

Courthouse Researcher
A courthouse researcher examines records and locates information for clients. Some researchers may have to visit a local courthouse to find information, but many will be able to search online. Researchers can set their own hours or days and work can be done on a part-time or full-time basis. The pay is hourly and no previous experience is required to get started.

Expeditors answer questions asked by customers in real-time. Expeditors are a like an on-demand expert that provides advice or answers to problems directly to a customer via a mobile device. Duties include answering rapid response questions, scanning and selecting appropriate answers from menus and sending difficult questions to the right specialists. Most important skills for an expeditor are a friendly attitude, desire to help people, a sense of humor, fast typing, quick thinking and good grammar and spelling. A high school diploma is required and pay ranges from $8.00 to $15.00 an hour.

Live Chat Operator
A live chat operator provides live support and assistance to customers. A majority of major companies operating a web site offer a live chat option to patrons. Operators work the same way as customer service representatives that answer phones, but do it mainly online. A quiet environment and a dedicated phone line are required for this job. Part-time and full-time hours are available and work is done in shifts. Aside from stay at home parents, this job is also great for professionals who want a little extra income, college students or anyone who enjoys working from home. Training is usually provided and pay rates start $9.00 an hour.

Indexers are similar to proofreaders and copyeditors. They proofread or copyedit documents for businesses. An online test is administered to new applicants in many cases to verify experience prior to hiring. Candidates must be completely equipped to handle work through the Internet and have access to a quiet, professional home office. A minimum of 2 years experience is needed and pay is negotiable.

Scoring is a easy and great work-at-home job for moms

Scoring is a easy and great work-at-home job for moms

A scorer scores student responses. Scorers are able to work conveniently from your home and set their own work hours. In addition, scorers contribute to the educational process through the valuable feedback your scoring provides to students, parents, educators, and schools. A bachelor’s degree or higher is required and a typical salary starts at $22,000 a year.

Real-time Captioner
Using a phone line, the real-time captioner dials in to access the audio of a “live” event. The captioner “writes” the audio as close to verbatim as possible using a steno machine or a speech recognition engine (in the case of a voice writer). The captioner uses the same steno keyboard that a court reporter uses. This allows the captioner to write in shorthand, up to 250+ words per minute. The captions are then transmitted through the internet (or modem) and are displayed on your television, your computer, a large monitor, or even your hand-held mobile device. Must be a reliable and punctual person who is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service. Realtime captioners are required to have the following captioning equipment in their home office: Steno Machine; CAT software with up-to-date support (provided by the company to full-time employees).