Template or Self-Created: Which is the Best Choice for Your Resume

Six seconds – that’s the time recruiters spend onan applicant’s resume before deciding if they are worth any further consideration. Your resume has to make those six seconds count!

But, are you more likely to make a good impression with a template resume or one built from scratch? We’ll look closely at each to help youdecide which is the best choice for you.

Self-Created Resumes

One of the requirements recruiters look for in applicants, is the ability to express themselves effectively in writing.If you are a strong writer, then you can use a self-created resume to show off your written communication skills and make a great first impression.

A resume you have created from scratch will definitely have more of your personality in it than a template you fill in. Especially, if you are very good at selling your attributes (skills, knowledge and experience), then a self-created resume gives you more freedom to shine.

By building your own resume, you can ensure it is relevant to the specific job post. Based on any research you have conducted beforehand, it will also speak directly to each employer and their industry.

Beware, however, that the modern resume has become quite technical in terms of format and included sections. A self-created resume, may not be a good idea if you are new to the job market or if it has been a while since your last job hunt and you have not kept abreast with resume changes.

Template Resumes

When it comes to template resumes, variety is the spice of life! The options you are offered in terms of layout and design seem pretty much endless. A look at Live Career resume templates should give you a good idea of the wide assortment available

Template resumes tend to be more organized which gives them an enviable professional-looking appeal.Their layout also makes it highly unlikely that you will forget to include an important section or that you will omit crucial details.

With templates, you can put together a solid-looking resume in no time flat without any resume-writing experience. Simply plug in your personal information and the details relating to the job you are applying for, tweak it to your satisfaction (or go with it as is) and you’re done!

On the flip side, many recruiters who go through piles of resumes daily can easily spot a template resume a mile away. That does not necessarily mean they will fault you for it, but there may be the odd recruiter for whom the sight of “yet another” template resume is a turn off.

To counteract this sameness, you will have to creatively inject a sense of your style and personality throughout the resume. Chosen fonts and colors,along with an awesome opening can all help your template resume pop off the pageand improve your chances of landing that follow-up interview.

So, should you be thinking self-created or template for your resume? You decide, and remember that a combination of the two is also an option for a resume which can get you past those decisive first six seconds. Good Luck!