Finding Work in the UK as a New Immigrant

Who doesn’t dream of living in a beautiful city with a rich historical background? A picturesque, enchanting city, which offers exceptional transport system and outstanding menu items, and keeps you engaged in a variety of different events that take place all year round. Well, you are in luck! Because London has a widespread market for jobs in various different fields.

Finding the right job and getting in can be quite challenging, but fear not because this article will guide you through the process of getting yourself the perfect job in your dream city – London.

1. Keep your skills in mind

First things first! Find out whether the job that suits your aims and skills is available in London. London has an extensive market for industries from various different fields. The most dominant industry is the financial field, where the number of employees is increasing day by day. Moreover, there are also opportunities in other large industries including, healthcare, fashion, IT, tourism, property, etc.

2. Search Online

In this age of advanced technology, there’s no doubt that websites will be available for the many different jobs open in London. So look up these websites to find the best suitable job opportunity. LinkedIn and Monster are among the large sites, while there other small websites like The Guardian, Reed, and London Jobs, which can help you out even more.

3. Networking? Networking

Meeting people and making contacts is very important in finding the right job. In case you visit London in search of the job, then you should not miss the chance of attending the career fairs like London Job Show. Alternatively, you can take part in online professional events on websites like Meetup and Evenbrite.

4. Get Yourself an Agent

Working with recruiting agencies like Agency Central, Attic, Capita Resourcing, and Client Server will help you in acquiring an interview for a job suited to you. So get an agent that is highly rated.

5. Make an Exceptional CV

CVs are also an important factor in getting a job. Since there is competition and getting a job can be challenging, you can still make yourself standout with an exceptional CV. Consult with CV consultancies in London like Career Consultants, who will help you out.

6. Brace Yourself for the Interview

Interview sessions in London are not different from any other place. As like any other interview, you will be expected to be punctual and prepared beforehand, equipped with the knowledge and information regarding the organization, job role, and the industry. A slight difference may be in the dress code for females, as they are expected to dress in formal business attire. So make sure to ask about your queries ahead of time.

7. Apply for your visa

Acquiring a UK work visa is quite difficult. But if you prepare and apply ahead of time, you can be at ease. Certain things that you will require include:

  • An employment letter from your licensed employer in the UK
  • A sponsorship certificate from your employer
  • A passing grade on the points-based assessment, and for that the fundamental requirements include:
  • Should be able to speak English
  • Should have a good salary package
  • Should have money or at least 800 pounds in the bank account during a minimum period of 3 months before applying
  • Should have a sponsorship certificate, which should meet at least one of the four requirements.

8. Be Prepared to Relocate

Finally, prepare and equip yourself with everything necessary to move to your dream city. Adjusting to the new environment can be difficult. However, expat communities can assist you and make you feel at ease during this time.


Once you are settled in the UK and your new office, you will eventually have to look for ways of sending money to your family back home. When the need arises, you can use a money transfer service like Ria Money Transfer service to send money from the UK to any other place easily and effortlessly. It is reliable and will cost you less compared to the bank to bank transfer.

About the Author

Sharon Kalipai is a contributing writer at Sparkwebs LLC, a Digital and Content Marketing Agency in Denver, CO. When she’s not writing, she loves to travel, dance and read books.