Want to Get a Big Pay Raise in 2019? Read On to Learn How

We are already in the second quarter of the year 2019, and it is the perfect time to check if we have been following through with our new year’s resolutions and working towards achieving other goals set for the year. Well, one of the most common resolutions we all have is to work more efficiently to further our career goals and getting a big pay rise. Unlike conventional workspaces, the modern ones are quite complex where we work in teams and more often than not, it becomes quite impossible for your boss to keep track of your contributions towards the success of the projects you worked on.

Did you know 52% of the workforce in the UK switch jobs because they are unsatisfied with their current salary in the hope of getting better pay in the next one? Well, it is one way of getting paid better for your services but before you decide to switch, you might want to consider asking your employer for a meeting to discuss a pay rise. Before you go for the meeting, doing market research to check how much others working in the same position as yours are getting paid.It is better to work on furbishing a list of your recent accomplishments that you can share with your boss during the meeting.

Intrigued? Learn other things you need to work on for the meeting in order to justify your demand for a pay hike. This infographic from Armstrong Appointments will help you understand how to get a big pay raise in 2019.