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HEA receives hundreds of emails and letters from satisfied customers every month. Most of the memberships we receive are because of references from satisfied members. A sampling of the testimonies and success stories provided below are proof of our dedication and commitment to helping job seekers locate work at home jobs. Our goal is to make sure that every person that joins HEA is able to find work as soon as possible. Please read the testimonials below to learn what others are saying about HEA and our services.

Satisfied members can send a testimony to our customer service department. Any information given to HEA will remain confidential. HEA will not provide any personal contact information to any outside parties without prior permission.

Our Testimonials

(Janice M. - Testimonial #: 200801) | Janice M. ~ California
Hi, I have sent out two resumes four days ago and have already received a response about a job. I am excited and impressed about the amount of jobs available and in my line also. This is very impressive.

(Barbara S. - Testimonial #: 200802) | Barbara S. ~ Idaho
Hi, I will be honest with you. I was not expecting this at all. I have been scammed so many times over the past few years that I thought every home working company was a scam. However, I decided to try your company out because you seemed so honest. Well yesterday one on the companies you have in your database decided to hire me today so thank you very much for proving me wrong.

(Becky S. - Testimonial #: 200803) | Becky S. ~ Rhode Island
FINALLY! a company that knows what they are doing. I have never seen so many REAL and HONEST jobs and opportunities before. None of the jobs you sent me required any money up front and were all actually hiring, which I think is great. Thanks alot! You stuck to every word you said and I will never forget this.

(Laurie C. - Testimonial #: 200804) | Laurie C. ~ Montana
I live in Montana and out of all the home lists I have purchased, yours was the only one that offered me a whole bunch of home employment jobs that I can actually apply for. I am really glad I decided to join you guys.

(Anne T. - Testimonial #: 200805) | Anna T. ~ Arizona
Dear HEA, I have received your jobs today via e-mail and immediately opened it. To be honest with you I was a little sceptical of this whole situation since I have tried to look for a job but everything was a scam. I was thrilled once I started to look in to the jobs that there were several that I applied for. It makes me feel good that there is an honest company out there helping to find people work. I have talked to several of my friends about your company, so you may be receiving more requests about your program in the near future. Again, Thank you for your help.

(Martha J. - Testimonial #: 200806) | Martha J. ~ Texas
HEA, I just wanted to say thanks for your home job files. I really appreciate your free updates and your one-time fee. I also loved your honesty and quickness when answering all my questions. You are all that you say you are and more....

(Patricia L. - Testimonial #: 200807) | Patricia L. ~ New York
Hello, I have joined every home-work company on the internet and have not had an ounce of luck until I found yours. I only bought your information a week ago and I already have a job. You are so awesome. Thanks!

(Sam H. - Testimonial #: 200808) | Sam H. ~ New Jersey
I just wanted to write and say thanks for all the work at home opportunities .... I feel that what you and the HEA company are doing a wonderful thing and I plan on working for several companies ... Thanks again for this Great ... Real ... opportunity ... I really want your company to prosper and we all will ..... I have just recently purchased your jobs and I plan on writing to 5 companies. Internet research is one of my favorite ones! YOUR WORK IS SO WONDERFUL!!! SO many of us have been waiting for just this opportunity...YOU have answered our prayers..... And the people that I have come across in the past six months...(other Work At Home Seekers) will be thrilled about your Real Company...thanks for being a real opportunity... And thanks for the chance...we all need a chance.

(James N. - Testimonial #: 200809) | James N. ~ Florida

(Sara B. - Testimonial #: 200810) | Sara B. ~ Illinois
Thanks Ann, You're great! I really feel that I got my money's worth and more. Thank you so much.

(Karen W. - Testimonial #: 200811) | Karen W. ~ Ohio
Hi! Karen here again. Good heavens!! I have plenty here to keep me busy for a while. I know, that is what you do. I just wanted to send a big THANK YOU for what you do... I hope that I can find something here (if I can't, I can't say I don't have anything to work with), because of family reasons, I have to be at home. I just want you to know that I will pass the word along about your great help to anyone I come across in similar situations. I will keep in touch. Again, thank you.

(Vicky M. - Testimonial #: 200812) | Vicky M. ~ Arizona
You guys are the best! Thank you for your help and you're the best of the homework associations! I found the job I was looking for! I'm glad I'm in HEA . Thank You,

(Carrie F. - Testimonial #: 200813) | Carrie F. ~ Texas
I have only been looking at your listings a short time and I have been very pleased with what I have found so far. I believe it will be worth the $30.00. I signed on with another company for $50.00 and that was almost 6 months ago with no results. Although I have yet to find a job, I am glad I found your site.

(Richard R. - Testimonial #: 200814) | Richard R. ~ Mississippi
Thank you very much for your help. I see many potential employment opportunities already. It is nice to know that there are people out there that can assist you when you need it. Thanks again for all your help!

(Jessica T. - Testimonial #: 200815) | Jessica T. ~ Missouri
Hi. Thank you for your service! I have found that with the wear and tear on my poor old (1989!) car and the childcare for a 6 and 11 year old, the only way to make it seems to be working at home, but until now it was very hard to find the companies that recognized the advantages of hiring home workers! I really appreciate your service and hope you do not mind the praise.

(Theresa C. - Testimonial #: 200816) | Theresa C. ~ California
Just wanted to say finding you guys have been really "GREAT" with your help I hope I can find what I'm looking for.

(Stacy H. - Testimonial #: 200817) | Stacy H. ~ Florida
I have sent several resumes just this week and have already got a job. I am very pleased with your service. I found a job in less than two weeks and my friends Leslie and Anne who joined HEA last week have already found jobs. They wanted me to let you know how happy they were. You have an incredible time frame for finding people jobs. I have spent over $500 trying to find a way to supplement my husband's income without giving up being home with my children. So far, your service is the most incredible thing I've found.

(Cindy B. - Testimonial #: 200818) | Cindy B. ~ Utah
HEA, I just emailed you today because I found a telecommuting job yesterday. I would also like to make a comment about HEA. I am quite impressed with the information that HEA provides; I am happy to know that I can go online and get updates 24 hours a day.

(Sharen M. - Testimonial #: 200819) | Sharen M. ~ California
Thanks very much for the info. All of your services are great. I have never seen a more complete and legitimate source of services in my life. It's a great service...keep up the good work.

(Bettie H. - Testimonial #: 200820) | Bettie H. ~ Colorado
Dear Anne, First of all I am grateful to have found your company that finally makes any sense to me. Believe me when I tell you that I have been searching for several months in this field and had a few disappointments. First of all your company emailed me within hours, that to me is important and shows the company is reliable, second your prices are very reasonable and third I have found a great home job that I can do entirely from my home. Believe me when I say the services you offer are definitely the best. I wish I had found HEA sooner.

(Aida C. - Testimonial #: 200821) | Aida C. ~ Pennsylvania
I contacted you in February and sent in my application with a fee. Being a bit reluctant, for obvious reasons, I took a "leap of faith" when registering with your firm. I was contacted today and hired for a data entry position and I want to thank you sincerely for your efforts and for doing for me what you indicated that you would. This position pays VERY well. There are so many scams and I cannot express my appreciation that you are not one of those people or institutions taking advantage of people and those of us who desire to provide a professional service to others, while working from our homes.

(Pam W. - Testimonial #: 200822) | Pam W. ~ Arizona
Thank you for your feedback. Your turn-around time in handling this information is impressive. I appreciate your assistance. If there is anything that I can do for your organization, please let me know. Thanks again and have a nice day.

(Frank H. - Testimonial #: 200823) | Frank H. ~ Virginia
Thanks for moving so quickly. I have received a response from Lisa Heaker at Seka Comp and they are planning on hiring me next week. I couldn't believe that I heard from someone this quickly. Just wanted to say thanks for working so quickly.

(Marianne G. - Testimonial #: 200824) | Marianne G. ~ Michigan
I purchased your placement service two weeks ago and I am going to start my new home job on Monday. I have never received the kind of help you provide from any other group. Thanks! for all your help.

(Laurenn H. - Testimonial #: 200825) | Laurenn H. ~ New York
Your job listings are great. I have already received 5 responses from employers that are actually interested in hiring me. You have the best home jobs that I've ever bought from a company.

(Buria N. - Testimonial #: 200826) | Buria N. ~ California
You probably already know this, but I emailed you to say that I have found a job and to give you a compliment. It's a very good job and it pays well. I would also like to say that you guys are the best and you have proved me wrong about home work.

(Mellinda K. - Testimonial #: 200827) | Mellinda K. ~ Ohio
I GOT THE JOB! Boy you guys work fast. I am making more money than I did at my other job. I am planning to put my notice in at work this weekend and work in the comfort of my home. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

(David R. - Testimonial #: 200828) | David R. ~ Oregon
Guess what I got the job that you found for me. I cannot begin to tell you how happy you have made me. I will stop now before I begin rambling on and on I am just sooooo happy. You are INCREDIBLE!

(Linda D. - Testimonial #: 200829) | Linda D. ~ North Carolina
I lost $200 on homeworking scams and when I came across your company, your information was good, but I was determined not to be scammed again even for a couple dollars. I was so sceptical of HEA. I am no longer sceptical of you. All of the jobs you sent me were updated and real. I have already received two responses from companies. I now think HEA is excellent.

(Dianne P. - Testimonial #: 200830) | Dianne P. ~ Alabama
I am so happy that your company is out there and that you are interested in helping people find home-based jobs. Your job lists are great and you have excellent customer service.

(Beckey H. - Testimonial #: 200831) | Beckey H. ~ Florida
I can't believe this! i have been trying to get a home job for a year now. I have joined every homeworking association i came across. I needed a home job in the worst way and you contacted me a week after i join to tell me that a company wants to use me. Even when you contacted me, i was still not convinced that i would get the job because i have searched for a year with no luck. Now i am finally working at home. Thank you so very very much. You do not know how much this means to me. I really appreciate this.

(Maggie F. - Testimonial #: 200832) | Maggie F. ~ Montana
Dear HEA, I would like to make a note that I also subscribed to another employment listing similar to this and I am very pleased with the Home Jobs. You seem to have a larger availability of employment in all areas. I look forward to being a long time member with you as I also am presently enrolling in medical transcription and that will become a viable option for me in the future. Thank you so much for all your time and assistance and be assured that I will pass along the information for contacting you if I know of anyone. Again, I am very pleased with the presentation of the web site.

(Samantha J. - Testimonial #: 200833) | Samantha J. ~ Pennsylvania
Hello, I joined HEA Services about a month ago. As you may already know, I found a job. I just wanted to say I think the service is excellent and I really appreciate the updates that you continue to send letting me know what's going on. Thank you very much for all your help.

(Darlene T. - Testimonial #: 200834) | Darlene T. ~ Nevada
Thank you a million times. I am so excited about this. I should not have have thought twice about joining you. It has been less than two weeks since I joined and I already found a job. I didn't believe this at all, you really surprised me and you did as you say you'd do. Wonderful.

(Hannah M. - Testimonial #: 200835) | Hannah M. ~ Mississippi
To HEA, you will never know what you have done for me today. I am a single parent with 2 kids. I could not afford day care in the job I was doing. I was constantly worrying about my kids. I needed to stay at home in the worst way. Christmas was coming up and I needed a miracle. When I first came across HEA I thought this was just another company offering employment opportunities and I almost passed you up. You will not understand how happy I was to give this organization I try. I just don't know what to say. I will keep you updated about the job and how I'm doing.

(Meridith F. - Testimonial #: 200836) | Meridith F. ~ Wisconsin
I would like to thank you for providing an honest legitimate opportunity for people looking to work at home. Thank you for offering such a great service that is helping so many people.

(Bonnie B. - Testimonial #: 200837) | Bonnie B. ~ Louisiana
Hello, this is Bonnie, I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy and that I have been speaking with a person that is offering a Medical Transcription position in your job database. She requested I fax her a copy of my resume and we also had a interview by phone and email today. I was getting very frustrated looking for work in Medical Transcription because they all required 3 or more years of experience and I have only taken an at home course and some classes. I really appreciate all your help and assistance and dedication to finding a position for me. Thank you very much.

(Amy F. - Testimonial #: 200838) | Amy F. ~ California
I wanted to tell you how ecstatic I was to see a site like yours. I have been searching for home employment for almost two years now, but to no avail. I would like to work at home because I am a full-time married college student (off for Summer)with a two year old daughter. Anyhow, thank you so much for creating a site with inexpensive prices on job listings. I hope you do a lot of business.

(Gary H. - Testimonial #: 200839) | Gary H. ~ New York
Wanted to let you know that I did get some part time telecommuting work from a company called Sernic Business Group making PowerPoint Presentations. After they checked out my references, interviewed me, and liked what I had to offer, it gave them the intuitive to hire me as an independent contractor from your list. Thank you so incredibly much for this! You are the first legitimate company I found so far and believe me, it says a lot.....This position is in the field I'm looking for so that is a big, big, plus.

(Rick H. - Testimonial #: 200840) | Rick H. ~ Arkansas
This site is LOADED with so many home job choices. I'll need to take a day off just to view them all. Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it.

(Terri M. - Testimonial #: 200841) | Terri M. ~ North Carolina
I received the proper id and password to enter the proper site and wanted you to know that I was very impressed with your volume of jobs. I feel with my strong background in the nursing field I don't think that I'll have a problem finding employment, because nurses are everything nurses, clerical workers and counselors. Again I applaud your company for such a large variety of selections.

(Gwendolyn A. - Testimonial #: 200842) | Gwendolyn A. ~ Texas
Guess what? I have already located a position. You're the one company who has stood by me with integrity in finding me work and for that I thank you so very much! I'll gladly join your services again if I ever need employment again. Thank you thank you thank you !!!!!!!!

(Bridgett F. - Testimonial #: 200843) | Bridgett F. ~ British Columbia, Canada
Why is it that I can't find companies like yours first. I was joining scam after scam until I found you. I told Anne earlier that I have already located a position at home doing Data Entry. Please put me on your testimonials, i want everyone to know what you have done for me. I also wanted to say the database is great. I've enjoyed using it a lot, it's easy and has lots of information that was very clear.

(Becky S. - Testimonial #: 200844) | Becky S. ~ Oklahoma
I really appreciate the status reports you provide for each customer. This helps me feel good knowing that you will do exactly what you say you'll do. I have been scammed before so these kind of updates from your company makes me feel secure in knowing that your company is legitimate and this means a lot to me.

(Gene G. - Testimonial #: 200845) | Gene G. ~ Indiana
I found your site, refreshing. I would like to thank you for the free jobs postings on your site. I was getting very frustrated with my search. I was starting to wonder if there was anything REAL out there. Finding your site, was like seeing a ray of sunshine in my otherwise stormy day. I applied for a few of those free jobs today, and I now have a refreshed hope. Whether or not I am lucky enough to get the job, is not what this message is about, it is just about my appreciation and acknowledgement.

(Michael S. - Testimonial #: 200846) | Michael S. ~ Texas
You have a load of opportunities that I can apply for. I have applied to 5 companies a week ago and have already received 3 responses back. That is very good and I am very happy with your service. I have already been hired by one of the companies, but I will continue to use your services. Thank you so much for this legitimate service.

(Lucy B. - Testimonial #: 200847) | Lucy B. ~ North Carolina
Angela, you wouldn't believe me if I told you I have already found a job. I got a call back from a company that viewed my record in your database, they were hiring for data entry positions and they hired me immediately after checking my references. I would love to write more, but I am just too happy right now. Keep up the great work! You're providing a very valuable service and I really appreciate it!

(Eric P. - Testimonial #: 200848) | Eric P. ~ Alabama
Just wanted to let you know that I have found a position. I also wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the customer service and help I received. HEA has been a dream come true for me and my family, I just don't know what to say. I will let you go now because I owe you another $30.00 bucks. Thank you so very much.

(Hashad A. - Testimonial #: 200849) | Hashad A. ~ Pennsylvania
Anne,I love this site,you have hundreds of jobs and links to choose from. I never seen so many resources in one place. I know I will definitely find a job here with your help and the resources you have available. Great Site !!!!

(Tammy W. - Testimonial #: 200850) | Tammy W. ~ Wyoming
Hi, this is Tammy, guess what I was contacted about a job today. That was quick, you guys work fast. I wasn't expected to be contacted until well after August, you guys are fast, thanks.

(Jhon L. - Testimonial #: 200851) | Jhon L. ~ Washington
This is not a question, I am writing this email because I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your patience in answering my questions. I love the fact that you answered every single question I asked, no other company I have contacted has done this. Your customer service is excellent, I have also received three responses from my form so your services are also great. I can't express my appreciation enough to you guys for offering this great business.

(Debbie W. - Testimonial #: 200852) | Debbie W. ~ Pennsylvania
Dear Linda: This website is great. Thank you so much. Quite a few companies have requested my resume. I check both each day. Again, thank you so much for everything.

(Trina H. - Testimonial #: 200853) | Trina H. ~ Georgia
Thank you so much for the resume...It looks great. I am very excited at the prospect of finding a job at home. I have been disappointed before with work at home type deals.... Your company sounds wonderful. Have a Wonderful Day!!!

(Blenda F. - Testimonial #: 200854) | Blenda F. ~ Ohio
I have at least two friends that wish to join up today. They are just waiting on me to send them information on how to sign up. By the way I have found employment in the process and I am looking forward to it. I will be a virtual email service rep for LiveOne(formerly iTelliservices). Thank you for all your help

(Jeanette S. - Testimonial #: 200855) | Jeanette S. ~ Minnesota
I wanted to tell you thank you so very much for the splendid resume you created for me. It wasn't easy I know, with all of the bulk of history that had to be sorted out. Thank you, again, for the resume. Also, thank you for the excellent, attentive, and prompt assistance that you have given me in my job search endeavours. Most assuredly it would be bleak out here on the Internet without the supportive backup you have given.

(Linda L. - Testimonial #: 200856) | Linda L. ~ Nebraska
Once again, thank you. You must receive many blessings for helping individuals who are trying so hard to make it on their own. I know that you feel a great accomplishment from the work that you do.

(Barbara M. - Testimonial #: 200857) | Barbara M. ~ Washington
Hi, Angela! I'm taking up this contract job with David Snell. It is a great start to working at home. I can see that I really will do well working at home. The work is a nice relief from my usual intense learning sessions into operating systems and mastering programs. Thank you so much for all your help and please thank the owner of this company for the hard work her reps on doing on behalf of the members of HEA.

(Jeaniene Y. - Testimonial #: 200858) | Jeaniene Y. ~ California
Hi! I'm a stay-at-home mom that is extremely frustrated with all the false ads and scams out there for work at home positions. I'm in the process of making a small pamphlet listing these ads that I find in my local paper along with a copy of a BBB report on that company. I would also like to list companies with legitimate work or links to actual work. I have subscribed to your database and although I have not been successful in obtaining work yet, I have received return emails stating I will be contacted in the future or will be kept on file if a new position opens up. I am asking your permission to list your website as one of the good sites to look for work at home. I thank you for your company's honest business practices.

(Yolanda M. - Testimonial #: 200859) | Yolanda M. ~ Texas
Again, thank you & I would also like to commend your company for a FANTASTIC service that you are providing. So far, I've been VERY IMPRESSED with everything! Keep up the good work!

(Nitin A. - Testimonial #: 200860) | Nitin A. ~ India
Dear Angela Kane, Thanks very much for your prompt reply and more the useful database you have provided to me. I have registered myself with the all three services and would like to inform you that it was very much helpful to me. I have signed up for the resume and data based services also, but your job database has got some very good openings for which I have applied for. I thank you once again for your excellent service and would definitely recommend it to my friends and working colleagues. Thanks for your kind cooperation.

(Linda O. - Testimonial #: 200861) | Linda O. ~ Florida
Anne: Thank you for the updated report. I just wanted you to know that after searching the Internet for years for home employment, your site is about the ONLY one that consistently comes through with what you promised. I would recommend you to everyone and do so. Thanks so very much for being honest and ever vigilant in your efforts to bring us legitimate home employment opportunities. You are a "rare find" in today's market, that's for sure. I recently had a very unpleasant situation with a site called YourHomeJobs and FriendsFromHome(apparently, all one in the same or run by the same people or some sort of incestuous business relationship). Fortunately, I was able to retrieve my money after threatening legal action and who needs the hassle. You might want to make a note of these sites (unless you already are aware of them, which I'm sure you are) to let folks know. Anyway, thanks again.

(Robert P. - Testimonial #: 200862) | Robert P. ~ Louisiana
Well, it appears for once, I have found a company that doesn't screw it's subscriber. I have lost a bunch of money by being foolish and jumping onto these home worker jobs. I have gone through all the lists and many of my enquiries have usually come back with "error in delivery". This is definitely not the case with your database. Thank you for your help and I may choose another program you offer soon.

(Sharon L. - Testimonial #: 200863) | Sharon L. ~ Ontario, Canada
I have reviewed your site after reviewing endless others. I am very impressed with your honesty and the lack of hype you used in putting together your site. Also, I pay only half the fee now, the other half after I have a job I can work with - yes, I am impressed indeed. I'm in Canada too and I sure hope to see more results here because that is the fall back of most of the other home employment services on the web - they have not been able to tap into our market. I know it is not open like the States, but hey, somebody gotta do the pioneering!

(Adam Y. - Testimonial #: 200864) | Adam Y. ~ Washington
Less than 2 weeks ago I received your information for logging into the job database. As you professed, a company called me referencing the opening to which I had applied. After two phone interviews with their Project Manager and Company President, I'm happy to say that as of this afternoon I have accepted a position that will provide me with thirty to forty hours of work each week working at home at an excellent rate of pay. I was very sceptical of sending money to an unknown company, but your database proved well worth the expenditure. I start work in three days! Many thanks for your services!

(Beatrice I. - Testimonial #: 200865) | Beatrice I. ~ Michigan
Hi, I joined yesterday and I just want to tell you that the job database is great and worth it. This message is from Beatrice and I would like to say that I have already located a job. And, that your job database is excellent and I hope that your company will continue to grow and be here a long time. Note From HEA: This member located an online work at home job in just 24 hours using HEA's services and products.

(Jeanette S. - Testimonial #: 200866) | Jeanette S. ~ Minnesota
I remember how speedy you always were in answering my e-mails and inquiries in the past, and I see you are still there providing speedy, reliable assistance today. I am very grateful you are so prompt, steady and reliable. Feels like I am in good hands, just like home, and the good old days. Thank you!

(Debra B. - Testimonial #: 200867) | Debra B. ~ Missouri
I recently lost my job as an Administrative Assistant due to the company relocating and have been researching telecommuting jobs on the internet for the last 4 months. I decided to join HEA, but not before checking your company out. I have not joined any other home working program over the internet (you can usually see right through the scams without having to pay to see them) and I probably would not have joined yours except for 3 reasons that convinced me to go ahead with it. 1. You are under the scam free zone with their guarantee. 2. I liked the testimonials. 3. I checked out your company with the Better Business Bureau of Southern Nevada. I was pleased to find that you are a member of the BBB.

(Robert L. - Testimonial #: 200868) | Robert L. ~ Arkansas
HEA, Forgive me. I am already signed up with your service. I have viewed many sites and so far, yours is the only honest one I have found. Never the less, I will gladly refer people to your site. Thanks again, Robert

(Kathleen P. - Testimonial #: 200869) | Kathleen P. ~ Indiana
Hi Angela! Thank you so much! My resume' just looks great. I looked it over and can't find anything to change. I'm just excited and anxious to get a job now. I just hope there's someone out there ready to hire. I entered into the members only section of HEA website and so far I am impressed with how everything is set up. Everything has been completely legitimate and that comes as a big relief after searching for home employment on my own and running into so many internet scams. If HEA is able to help me find home employment I know quite a few women around my area who will then be ready to sign up with you next. Thanks Again

(Nancy S. - Testimonial #: 200870) | Nancy S. ~ Illinois
Dear Angela Kane, I am impressed. I love the resume you sent back to me. I truly appreciate the resume that you have produced from my information, and the speed with which you responded to my input. I believe that this was a good choice for me to contact your company and I hope to be a part of the at home computer workers soon. I was not sure how this was going to work, but if this service is any indication, I have great hope for finding employment in this way. I believe I can truly fulfil every item in the summary. Thank you.

(Helinore E. - Testimonial #: 200871) | Helinore E. ~ Wisconsin
HEA, I got a call back from AmeriCore today. They hired me as a full-time data entry worker. I would like to thank Angela, Anne and all of HEA's reps for helping me locate work at home. I have tried other companies and searching on my own with no success for over 3 years. Your customer service is excellent and I will continue using your services and I will tell all my family members and friends to use your services to locate work at home. Thank you very much, I am very happy.

(Veronica O. - Testimonial #: 200872) | Veronica O. ~ North Dakota
It has only been a month since I joined and I am extremely glad to let you know that I have located a job. I was hired this morning as an administrative assistant for a company in Illinois. My starting salary is more than I requested and I believe it was because of the assistance of HEA and the help on my resume. Your company is incredible and I want everyone to know what I got by using your services. Keep up the good work and thanks a lot.

(Jerilinn Y. - Testimonial #: 200873) | Jerilinn Y. ~ Mississippi
Your job database is GREAT! I sent my resume to over 30 companies last week and I already received a call back from one and a email from two others. I have used other job listings from other companies in the past and it was nothing like yours. I didn't get any returned mail or companies saying they were no longer hiring. I just wanted to let you know how great your service is especially your work at home jobs and to congratulate you on a wonderful service.

(Sylvia N. - Testimonial #: 200874) | Sylvia N. ~ England
I can't tell how much money and time I have wasted searching for work at home in England and abroad. I must have sent out over a 500 resumes and spent $1,000 of dollars trying to work at home. I spent a measly $50.00 on your services and found a home job in less than 3 weeks. You can add me to your list of satisfied customers because I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am today. If there is anyway I can help you, please let me know because I will do anything I can to let everyone know of your company. Thank you so very very much for what you have done for me and my family.

(Kristen R. - Testimonial #: 200875) | Kristen R. ~ California
Hi, I need to know what I need to do to pay the remainder of the fee I owe you? Gyrant Source decided to hire me today. This is the same company I told you about last week that requested more information from me. They hired me today as a typist and my starting salary is going to be $2,550 a month. They said this amount is going to be raised higher after 6 months if I do a good job and trust me I plan on doing a very good job. I also wanted to tell you that your word processing business package is a great resource of information. I think it will help me a lot when I am working. I appreciate your business and I look forward to working with in the future if I need another job.

(Jolaine U. - Testimonial #: 200876) | Jolaine U. ~ Toronto, Canada
After ordering your services and viewing your members area, I was glad to see that your services and layout was so professional. I have not encountered any organizations so far that showcases the professionalism you have and I now see why so many people have recommended your services to me since I began searching for work at home. Med Tran wants me to do transcription for them. I thought it would take longer than 6 weeks to find work because of I where I live and my experience level, but I was fortunate to find work using your placement services. Did you know I have been searching for a job for over 5 years and didn't get one response until I joined HEA, your company is truly incredible and this New Year is definitely shaping out to be a good one, thank you HEA.

(Jade D. - Testimonial #: 200877) | Jade D. ~ Florida
HEA, my name is Jade and I joined a few weeks ago, I was looking for a work at home job and I sent $60 to HEA for the work from home jobs. I would be sending the remainder owed because I was really successful and found a great work at home job. I really appreciate all the help you have given me and my family. I hope your company will be a great success.

(Savitha A. - Testimonial #: 200878) | Savitha A. ~ New York
Thank you very much for the Resume and Cover Letter. Everything looks excellent. Thank You Very Much. I would like to say also that I just signed up with your company on Friday afternoon and I have gotten more response back from your company in 1 day than I did from other Scam artist companies in all the time I was trying to come up with something. Thank You very much for such quick response time. I believe I am going to be very happy working with your company. I really do believe that you will help get me an At Home Job in no time at all.

(Caryn C. - Testimonial #: 200879) | Caryn C. ~ New York
Thank you! That was very fast and it looks great! I am impressed. I honestly didn't expect a response until sometime tomorrow, at least. That shows you take it as seriously as I do, and you have my respect and compassion. I work 6-7 days a week, long hours and I have limited time to look for a better job. Ironically from what I have seen on your job bank, I should be able to earn the same money but I will have more time to do some of the things I have always wanted to do, like volunteer my time to charity. It seems you realize this is life changing stuff and not just another job. I have been looking for a job to do from home for years and this will be a long time coming! I have spent thousands of dollars only to find the one making any money is the one I send it too! I don't think I am a sucker, a dreamer maybe but not a sucker. There are so many scams out there. I am very cautious and I still get taken every once in a great while. Not any more, I don't need to look anywhere else!From just what you did for me today, I have received my money's worth!

(Aimee B. - Testimonial #: 200880) | Aimee B. ~ California
These services are excellent. I have only been a member for three weeks and I have already been contacted by over three potential employers. I cannot tell you have happy I am to finally locate a reputable source for home employment.

(Essie W. - Testimonial #: 200881) | Essie W. ~ Louisiana
HEA, please accept my gratitude for helping me locate a job. I joined over 5 days ago and I have already gotten a job. I have joined over 5 other associations like yours and I still have not been successful and then I joined yours and I was successful in less than a week. This is amazing and your services are incredible. I will recommend you to everyone I know and meet.

(Lenora D. - Testimonial #: 200882) | Lenora D. ~ Florida
Hi, when I read these testimonials last week I was very sceptical of the claims. I thought these were the few success stories in a field of disappointments until I joined on Monday, uploaded my resume and applied for 10 jobs. I went to bed and woke up the next day and checked my email. I received an email from an employer in Florida who required my services immediately. I am now working at home and writing this testimonial to be added to your ever growing list of happy customers. Thank you so much and I hope everyone who reads this testimonial, purchases your services. I don't know if everyone will be successful, I know I was and this is definitely one of the best services I have come across on the Internet today.

(Charrisse C. - Testimonial #: 200883) | Charrisse C. ~ North Carolina
I joined your company last week. I got a call back from an employer today that I contacted through your job database. I will start work from them on Monday doing data entry work. I love how quick and easy this was, I really thought it would be much harder than this. I would like to thank all the HEA staff that has helped me since I became a member, you are truly the best out there.

(Erika P. - Testimonial #: 200884) | Erika P. ~ Georgia
Greetings, I wanted to send you a quick email on the services you provide. I have had no problems using your services. Your instructions were easy to understand and very user friendly. Thanks for offering services for every day job seekers like me.

(Laura S. - Testimonial #: 200885) | Laura S. ~ North Carolina
Hi, I need to know what I need to do to pay the remainder of the fee I owe you? Gyrant Source decided to hire me today. Thank you so much for your services. I joined three days ago and I got a job in customer service. I really appreciate the services you provide people looking for work at home. I have searched for years and I have seen your website before and I didn't pay attention until now. I am so happy I did, if I would have joined you a year ago, I would not have been searching for so long.

(Stephanie G. - Testimonial #: 200886) | Stephanie G. ~ New York
Angela, I found a job today. I am so ecstatic right now and I will immediately recommend every one of my friends to your services. I was prepared to submit resume after resume for months before being contacted, but that is not what happened this time. Thank you very much and I wish you and HEA the best now and in the future.

(Kaye A. - Testimonial #: 200887) | Kaye A. ~ New Mexico
Your services are excellent. The instructions are easy to follow and use without any difficulty. The professional resume service is also great. I have applied for over 20 jobs I was qualified to do. I love your services and have never seen better.

(Patricia M. - Testimonial #: 200888) | Patricia M. ~ Washington
HEA, your selection of jobs are top of the line. I have joined and used over 50 job sites and yours is the best so far. There are no business opps or bogus sales jobs. The extra resources provided are fantastic. Even if I cannot locate a job using your job listings, I will be able to do so through your job resources. You seem to have thought of everything and I am so glad I found your website.

(Linda H. - Testimonial #: 200889) | Linda H. ~ California
I joined a few days ago. I was searching for a clerical job to do at home and I was successful. I was contacted by a company today and I will start next week. I know you have probably heard this before, but I have joined what seems like hundreds of websites looking for work at home and I was not successful in any of them. I thought yours was more promising and I was correct. The jobs posted are real and the response time was very quick. I have lots of friends who are also looking for work and I will tell them about this website.

(William B. - Testimonial #: 200890) | William B. ~ Nevada
Hello, you have another happy customer. I have been searching your job database for over two weeks. I was contacted yesterday by an employer looking for a data entry and customer service worker. I will starting work very soon. The services HEA provides are excellent and I am so happy I found your website.

(Darlene W. - Testimonial #: 200891) | Darlene W. ~ Illinois
I purchased your data entry home business package last week. I am very happy with the package and information you have provided. I have already been contacted by employers looking for data entry operators. I originally got the package to improve my typing and data entry skills, but I think I will decide to start a home business in this field. Your services and products are top quality and I now see why you have been so successful.

(Latoya R. - Testimonial #: 200892) | Latoya R. ~ New Jersey
I have received the professionally created resume and letters provided from your email. I do appreciate the effort involved and am pleased with the end result. Thank you again for the forms provided based on such limited information; I have not had to right a resume for some time and not after I was in the military so this is highly welcomed. I have nothing but positive feedback and no add-on suggestions.

(Deborah B. - Testimonial #: 200893) | Deborah B. ~ Texas
I got a job! I applied to Zirtual a couple of weeks ago when you sent me the link to their site, and I just got hired yesterday. Thank you for your help in finding me a home based position.

(Natalia M. - Testimonial #: 200894) | Natalia M. ~ Indonesia
I have found a job, thanks for your service. Currently I am writing a short article for blog (about 300 words) and getting paid $3 each. Not a bad start, right!

(Justin B. - Testimonial #: 200895) | Justin B. ~ Pennsylvania
I looked over the resume package and I am definitely satisfied with how they came out. I appreciate the efficiency and quality of your work. Thank you very much!

(Mary E. - Testimonial #: 200896) | Mary E. ~ Maryland
I just had my first online job interview from a job I applied to on your site, which was awesome. Thank you for that. Here's a breakdown of what happened: I applied to this job a couple days ago and I got an e-mail today, saying the hiring manager wanted to meet me on Google hangout at a certain time to do an interview and go over job details. So she gives me the interview asking questions and telling me about the job, and at the end of the interview she offers me the job. I was a little sceptical, didn't know what to expect, but it was legit, coming from your trusted site. I'm going to continue applying to other jobs and was amazed how fast somebody got back to me.