Freelance Graphic Artists

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  • Dec 8, 2021

Job Description

Freelance Graphic Artists A Dallas-Fort Worth based provider of graphic design, custom printing and direct mail marketing services is offering a unique opportunity. We're seeking talented and driven individuals to work as contract designers/resellers. You're free to work from home or in-house at our office. As a contract graphic designer / reseller, you wouldn't be responsible for cold selling any of our products, rather you would simply be suggesting to your own clients, that you can now offer them extremely low prices to have their completed designs printed. You're of course free to set your own resell prices, therefore putting you in control of your profit margins. Our other contract designers generally offer their clients bundled packages, basically stating that for "X" number of dollars, they will design their media and have it printed. This allows the designer to earn significantly more money, while saving their clients the time and hassle of having one person design their media and then searching for another company to print it. Here is an example: Assume you are charging one of your clients $60 to design a brochure -- that's obviously $60 that goes into your pocket. Now assume you can offer that same client a bundled package which includes both the design and the printing of let's say 1,000 brochures for $249*. Now, instead of making just $60 profit on the job, you're making $100, without having to do any additional work other than sending us the completed design to be printed. *We charge $149 for 1,000 printed brochures, so if you were offering your client a design/print package for $249 (which is still much less expensive than competitors like vistaprint, etc.), you would be earning the difference between the set amount we charge and what you are charging. Again, you're free to set your own resell prices, which means that you could potentially earn more than $100 on the previous example. So if you're ready to earn more money, for simply doing what you're already doing, contact us today to get started!


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