Freelance Writer

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  • Jul 11, 2020

Job Description

We look for psychology and health self-help books that teach readers how to master essential life skills. Mental health professionals who want simple, clear explanations of important psychological techniques and health issues also read our books. Thus, our books must be simple and easy to understand but also complete and authoritative. Most of our authors are therapists or other helping professionals.

We choose our titles carefully for the timeless nature of their content, issue updated editions when needed, and promote our old backlist titles continuously. The result is that we keep our books in print longer than other publishers. Titles we published fifteen years ago are still strong sellers. Our acquisitions editors receive between 600 and 700 manuscripts every year. It takes us approximately a month to evaluate your proposal. Be prepared for the acquisitions process to be more involved than simply sending in a proposal and signing a contract. In order for a manuscript to be accepted, it must fit into our established niche. You may need to develop your manuscript further prior to its acceptance. It is to your benefit that this screening be so rigorous; a good match between the manuscript and the publisher is important for the ultimate success of the book. Please note that for publicity and marketing reasons, we generally do not accept proposals from authors residing overseas.


United States




High School Diploma or GED


Based on experience