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  • Sep 21, 2021

Job Description

We accept unsolicited proposals and manuscripts from prospective authors, and we welcome your inquiries. We recommend that you review our online catalog to see the types of materials we publish. Essentially, our primary interests are resources that aid media specialists, librarians and teachers to develop and stimulate reading interests, and facilitate library and information-seeking skills among youth (preschool through high school).

We have over 80 titles currently in print, and we publish approximately twelve new titles a year. We seek to reach a decision on each submission or proposal within 60 days, but in order to achieve this goal we need your cooperation by following these submission guidelines. For manuscripts less than 100 pages, we would like to receive the entire work for review, including illustrations. For longer manuscripts, please send selected sections and illustrations that best describe the project, including the introduction. We also welcome outlines of prospective projects, particularly if the manuscriptis lengthy. Please include a cover letter summarizing the purpose of the work and its potential market. Identify any other recent books which have been published on a similar topic, and describe how your book differs. In your letter state which computer software and platform you used (or plan to use) to develop your manuscript. We can accept a wide variety of Windows and Macintosh software programs. We do not need to receive an electronic version of your manuscript for initial evaluation, but we do require that final manuscripts be in an electronic format. Attach a current resume listing your qualifications. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope so we may return your material if we do not accept your manuscript for publication. Do not send your only manuscript copy; send us a photocopy. We are not troubled by manuscripts which are being simultaneously submitted to other publishers. We do not have any guidelines for artwork, although we will consider artwork submitted with manuscripts. At the present time we are interested in proposals or manuscripts on the following subjects: Creative reading activity books that can be used by childrens and school librarians, and teachers to stimulate reading among youth. Basic guides for teachers and librarians that offer instructional activities, lesson plans and resources that develop library, information-seeking and technology skills among youth. Storytelling resources for childrens librarians, teachers and professional storytellers that feature interesting and easy-to-learn stories and storytelling techniques. Picture books focusing on the library or reading.


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High School Diploma or GED


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