Remote Assembly

  • Remote (Anywhere)
  • Sep 21, 2021

Job Description

Many crafts include time consuming mundane tasks that successful crafters may consider hiring out. Examples of tasks include, sewing on buttons, filling stuffing in pre-sewn objects or putting clothes on dolls. If you have a talent, such as painting you can look for crafters that you could enhance their product for a fee. There are many companies offering a wide variety of products for assembly, These products include items like: jewelry, gemstones, handbags, exquisite rings and necklaces. Applicants are usually paid by in US dollars. You will be paid for every item you complete. This may vary a little from company to company depending on the companies own payment policy.

Assembling products and making crafts do not require any formal education or professional experience. Applicants need to be good at working with their hands. They must love working with crafts or sewing. Craft companies hire virtual assistants to perform their craft assembly and craft work to avoid extra overhead costs. These companies have found that its more economical for them to hire people like you, to perform their product assembly and craft work. This way they avoid the high costs of huge assembly plants and the high costs of employing a large work force.


United States




High School Diploma or GED


Based on experience