Freelance Graphic Designer

  • Remote (Anywhere)
  • Sep 21, 2021

Job Description

We seek talented freelance graphic designers, especially those specializing in book work. These freelancers all work from their home office through the Internet, so location is not a factor. We expect all, though, to be professionals and top-notch in their fields. We know that freelancing is not easy. It often involves either no work or too much work, spending considerable time building a clientele, and waiting months for clients to pay. We can make being a freelancer easier: We help you fill gaps in your work for other clients and maintain a more reasonable work schedule. We pay within 30 days, unlike most clients. We provide you with detailed specifications and supplementary materials for each job. We are there to answer questions when a project presents problems. We provide a professional structure that should make your work more enjoyable and satisfying.

Applicants should be full-time freelancers capable of professional service and quick turnarounds. Applicants can be located anywhere but must work from a professional home studio equipped with high-speed Internet. Apply by filling out our online independent contractor application. You will be asked to provide the following information: A description of your background, with notes on professional experience and software skills. Your resume as a Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF file. Two professional references. Notes on types of work done. Notes on hardware and software owned and used. Citations to published work. Links to samples on the Web (please set up online samples before filling out the application).


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