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  • Jun 20, 2019

Job Description

We publish original curriculum resources for PreK through eighth grade, most written by authors in the educational field. Our products are designed to aid teachers in helping students reach current assessment standards, and we welcome products designed to include all learning abilities. We are currently looking for unique, quality supplemental resources for social studies, science, language arts, math and early learning, as well as teacher resources based on educational theory.

Products should be geared toward standards-based learning. Please provide us with a Key Market Statement (one to three descriptive sentences) describing why you wrote/designed this product and what gap in presently available educational products your product is intended to fill. Please list competitive products in the field, with special emphasis on the features that set your product apart from its competitors. Manuscript Format: Manuscript must be accompanied by a cover letter that includes a brief synopsis and targeted grade range, as well as the authors name, address, e-mail address and any curriculum information that is relevant. Please provide a r


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High School Diploma or GED


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