Remote Mystery Shopper

  • Remote (Anywhere)
  • May 30, 2020

Job Description

We provide market research through Mystery Shopping for any retail or service oriented business. We service hundreds of clients and perform numerous mystery shops across the continental United States. If you have ever received poor customer service, then you know there is demand for our service and your Mystery Shopping skills. We will send assignments either by mail, fax or email. Some available assignments will be posted to our web site. Your compensation varies according to the store and assignment. Usually, the payment ranges between $5.00 and $20.00.

It is important to read all information regarding any assignment. You may be assigned specific dates and times to shop and you will be given a deadline date, so be sure to keep track on your calendar. If any dates assigned are not convenient, you must call before the shop is expected to be completed, to change it or reschedule it. If you miss two consecutive shops and do not call beforehand, you will no longer be eligible to perform future shops and you will be deleted from our database. If you have a change of address, new telephone number, or a new email address, please call or send an email including the updated information. Always when in doubt, please give us a call or send us an email. Communication is vitally important in our line of work. When completing your shopping reports, be sure to be objective. Keep your answers brief, and specific. Include only the facts. Do not include personal opinions in your statements. Before your assignment, please read over the shopping report so you are familiar with the information you need to acquire. During your actual shop (in store), be sure to remember names, the number of associates you come in contact with, and keep track of the time. After your shop, be sure to complete your report as soon as you can, AWAY from the store you shopped. Important Notice: If you are spotted writing down information in the store, outside the store, in your car in view of the store, you will no longer be eligible to shop for our company and you will be removed from our database. Please only fill out your report when you are completely out of site from the location shopped. You should always provide explanations for any negative or no answers on the shopping report (i.e.-ratings given to an associate) unless the questions answer is self explanatory (i.e.: did the clerk say thank you? If no, then no explanation is needed.) You should also include any other information that would be useful. Again, please keep your comments specific and factual. If you are unable to obtain the associates name or are unsure, do not guess, just be sure to include a full description of that person. It is vital that the shopper understand the importance of Mystery Shopping. We use only individuals who pay attention to detail, can follow instruction, and are flexible in their schedules. All assignments they accept must meet our clients deadlines with no exceptions. The information that the shopper gathers is used to measure and reward employee performance. Thus the information provided by the shopper can have a profound effect on whether an employee receives a promotion or a demotion. Therefore, it is extremely important to complete assignments according to the specifications provided and to give accurate and objective information. It is equally critical that the shopping report be completed immediately after the shop and submitted to us for processing within the instructed timeframe. AFTER you have registered, our schedulers will then have the opportunity to either contact you right away for an immediate assignment offer; or if your not contacted right away, we will be able to contact you in the future when the need arises.


United States




High School Diploma or GED


Based on experience