Remote Assembly Crafts

  • Remote (Anywhere)
  • Dec 6, 2021

Job Description

We are now in the production of baby burping pads, baby bibs, oven mitts, place mats, and childrens hair cutting capes. These simple to make products are useful, easy and fun to make! You only need basic sewing and applique skills and a sewing machine with a good zigzag or satin stitch. We will pay you $160.00 for production and supply cost on each unit of 36 Baby Burping Pads, 40 Baby Bibs or 40 Bonnets. Our Crafts Company was founded in 1989. We recognized the need for home based entrepreneurs and workers and wished to provide an outlet for creative people who desire to be self supporting. Are you interested in making some extra money? Ever dream of working in the comfort of your own home, or ever wanted to be your own boss, work only when you feel like working? Well now you can do both! We are offering you that very opportunity right now. Work as many or as few hours as you choose, save on the expense of buying new clothes for work, the cost of transportation and the expense of child care. No selling required. Start building that nest egg! We are in the business of producing quality items.

All the products above must be completed according to our standards. Our quality control personnel will check for size, shape and quality when you send in your completed sample. Then a payment of $160.00 for each unit completed and accepted, plus $5.00 for shipping will be sent to you within five working days! We must currently limit our producers to four units per week, totaling $640.00 per project. That is right, you can earn up to $640.00 a week! How to Begin: Print out the Supplier/Purchaser Agreement and Order Form located on our website and mail, fax, or email it back to us for your starter kit. Each kit includes a pattern, fabrics and a complete set of instructions for product assembly and for obtaining supplies. This package is designed to show you how to make one product correctly and to our standards. The cost of your beginners package is $29.95 (plus $8.95 shipping and handling) which defrays the cost of advertising, accounting, processing and materials. Assembling products and making crafts do not require any formal education or professional experience. Applicants need to be good at working with their hands. They must love working with crafts or sewing. Craft companies hire remote employees to perform their craft assembly and craft work to avoid extra overhead costs. These companies have found that it is more economical for them to hire people like you, to perform their product assembly and craft work. This way they avoid the high costs of huge assembly plants and the high costs of employing a large work force.


United States




High School Diploma or GED


Based on experience