Remote Support

  • Remote (Anywhere)
  • Jan 25, 2021

Job Description

We are a completely location-independent company, so everyone works from the comfort of their home and almost all meetings are via Skype. This allows us to keep our overhead extremely low and our staff very happy. We are looking for some very ambitious people to join our talented and small team, and help us take Inreach to the next level. As a Support and Training Director you will be responsible for: creating help guides; recording training videos; performing live training via web conference; email and phone support for clients; customizing forms and reports with our tools; testing our software; misc other items (since this is still a startup) and what more can you take on? $40K Salary after 6-18 months of contract work. $12/hour while in training, then gradual hourly increases as you master your work. 40 hour/week pay cap. Rate of increases and frequency depend on how quickly you learn and how much time you invest.

You must meet the following criteria to apply: Self-learner (you must be able to figure out software without any instructions). Willing to learn on own time. Tech-Savvy. Professional Home Office (nothing fancy necessary). HTML knowledgeable (or learn it very quickly). Patience to work with non-technical clients. Broadband Internet Connection. Since we are such as light-weight company, we are only looking for a highly ambitious person who really wants to get into a company and make it more than just a 9-5. You must be willing and able to invest your own time to master your understanding of our software and become an indispensable part of our team. Part of the pre-app is to create a youtube video showing us a demo of your favorite software. At the end of your demo, please briefly tell us why you want to work here and why you think that you would be good for the position. This is an indispensable role of your position that we will need to know you can handle. Recommendations: Keep this video under 3 min. Feel free to share a desktop or web-app. You can use Camstudio to record screencasts for free. There is no need to show your face. Be creative.


United States




High School Diploma or GED


Based on experience