Freelance Translator

  • Remote (Anywhere)
  • Oct 24, 2021

Job Description

Freelance Translation Opportunities Company is currently seeking qualified professionals in: Chinese - Czech - Danish - Dutch - Finnish - French - French Canadian -German - Indonesian - Italian - Japanese - Korean - Norwegian - Polish - Portuguese (Brazilian) - Romanian - Russian - Spanish -Slovak - Swedish - Thai - etc.. Actively recruiting freelance language specialists for translation - editing - and proofreading in all languages. We are constantly seeking new translators - especially those with technical backgrounds. After reviewing materials from promising applicants - we may send sample documents to translate. We normally send new translators shorter assignments at first. Assignments can then increase in scope and complexity as the translators prove their skill and establish good rapport with our company.

Our translators work into their native language - and they have excellent writing skills - have at least a bachelors degree - and significant experience in the subject area/s they translate. They should be able to receive and transfer files electronically (modem). Company supports all popular word processing formats. Translators should be familiar with different word-processing software packages like WordPerfect - Microsoft Word - etc.. Preference will be given to translators who are knowledgeable in the use of different DTP programs and proficient in Hypertext authoring for publishing on the Internets WWW.


United States




Bachelors Degree


Based on experience