Freelance Illustrator

  • Remote (Anywhere)
  • Sep 17, 2021

Job Description

Company publishes six magazines for kids ages 6 and up: APPLESEEDS (theme-based social studies), CALLIOPE (world history), COBBLESTONE (U.S. history), FACES (cultural anthropology), DIG (archaeology), and ODYSSEY (science). All six childrens magazines are 8" x 10 1/2" and feature fiction, nonfiction, recipes, and activities that sometimes require illustration. Illustrators are encouraged to study recent issues to note the style and function of illustration used in the magazines.

All art must be produced on "bendable" paper for scanning purposes. Computer-generated art, when appropriate, is encouraged. Our policy is to buy all rights to materials - both illustration and writing - commissioned for publication in the magazines. In the case of illustrations, We do agree to return the original art upon written request, with the understanding that the art will not be sold elsewhere and will be maintained in good condition by the artist.


United States




High School Diploma or GED


Based on experience