Remote Medical Transcriptionist

  • Remote (Anywhere)
  • Oct 29, 2020

Job Description

As our industry continues to evolve, we are always searching for the dedicated, experienced, professional medical transcriptionist to join our team. The quality of any medical transcription company is always based on the quality of the team performing that service. Competitive Rates: Our philosophy as a company is to offer positions to the experienced, high-quality, high-caliber MTs. We are looking for finished product quality. Though we encourage and support our industry for entry-level MTs; we are not that company. Our goal is to pay the best rate available to our team; which is possible only with controlled costs. Rates vary based on accounts, speech versus text, and also if you are an IC versus employment. Rates are paid on a per-line rate, based on a 65-character line (characters with spaces). Differentials: The differential pay rate is calculated based on your routinely-scheduled hours. The percentage of time within the differential zone is calculation to determined the percentage of differential applied to your production rate. This rate is then applied to your overall line count (speech versus text) and you are paid this rate for all work performed on the specific account at the higher rate (not just for the work performed nights or weekends). Volume/Schedule: We can offer very reliable work, all shifts, based on volume of work (not necessarily hours) for the right candidate, 24/7/365. Flexibility is not a problem, but work must be reliable and consistent. All work must is performed based on a contractual turn-around-time (TAT) which must be staffed eithin each shift.

Applicants joining us must have a minimum of three (3) years experience specific to the type of work, work types, or specialties of positions to be filled. Experience as a Speech Correction Editor is not necessary. We will train the appropriate candidate and offer a training program which supports the MTs successful transition to speech. Technical: All work is produced in a live-typing system, directly into the technology-platform provided software in an MS Word environment. This system is very automated, and user friendly helping the MT produce high volume quickly. You must have MS Word 2000 or higher; MS Windows 2000 or higher; and high-speed internet connection. Any unique software specific to facility will be supplied. If you have equipment available this may be helpful in determining what work is available to you. Equipment is provided for full-time MTs. Part-time MTs may be supplied equipment dependent on volume and availability.


United States




High School Diploma or GED


Based on experience