Remote Mystery Shopper

  • Remote (Anywhere)
  • May 30, 2020

Job Description

As a Mystery shopper, you are asked to gather information from a customers perspective. As a shopper, you may be asked to do some acting. This is not to deceive anyone, but rather to assure that the information being gathered is representative. The first thing to remember is that we are on the side of the client. You are not hired to catch anyone "in the act" or trap the employee. Rather, it is your job to answer specific questions in an unbiased and constructive way. Confidentiality is also very important. In most cases, the establishment is not to know that a mystery shop is taking place. Often, the employee evaluated will be informed of the results of your evaluation later and may even be allowed to read your comments so it is very important that we provide true and accurate information in a constructive manner. Confidentiality is also required when it comes to our clients. You are required not to share any of the information or forms that you are given with any other companies or divulge any specifics about your assignments with anyone. This is to be strictly confidential between you and our company.

Mystery shoppers should appear to be a typical customer to the establishment. You do not want to do anything to give yourself away as a shopper. Shoppers who are punctual and reliable will receive assignments continuously from us. Reliable shoppers are those who, pay attention to details, write an unbiased report, turn in reports in a timely manner and are able to follow instructions. As a mystery shopper you are considered an independent contractor and not an employee. There are no employee benefits and you are responsible for reporting your own income as taxes will not be taken out of your check.


United States




High School Diploma or GED


Based on experience