Remote Transcriptionist

  • Remote (Anywhere)
  • May 30, 2020

Job Description

Are you a skilled realtime reporter with a consistently high translation rate and the dictionary range to support translation of broadcast TV material? Have you trained - in workshops or boot camps - for realtime captioning? Are you now captioning as an independent contractor or employee, but looking for consistent, high-profile work for major program suppliers? Would you like to join an industry-leading captioning company that promotes personal and team growth? Then you should know that we are currently employs realtime captioners in these positions: Remote Captioner, Schedule Universal (SU). Remote captioners (SU) work variable schedules, off-site, that combine 15-hour/week programming blocks with additional hours chosen by themselves. Our realtime captioner employees are skilled court reporters who specialize in the exacting task of translating video into text on the fly. We accept as applicants skilled realtime reporters with consistently high translation rates and the dictionary range to support translation of broadcast TV material. Our remote captioners operate from their home locations.

Just as you must be a qualified writer and well-versed in court procedures when applying for an official court reporting position, and just as you must know the art of freelance deposition reporting before applying to a firm, so too must you know the business of captioning. What does that mean? Above all, you must be able to write television. The initial round of the application process for a remote position is submitting first-run files from TV programs. In reviewing these files, we look for near-perfect translation, because that


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