Remote Accountant

  • Remote (Anywhere)
  • Sep 28, 2021

Job Description

Accountants / Bookkeepers. Manage our accounting and day to day operations using Quickbooks and accounting skills. When time permits, you will be helping our staff answering member questions via phone and e-mail. Additional responsibilities: Update our members on the progress and effect we are making and getting the designation recognized among consumers nationwide. Answer general questions from both future and current members. Guide future and current members thru our site. Signing into the administrative side of our web site. Using the administrative panel to create reports. Register new members or renewals online by following our detailed process. Checking a new member registration or renewal after they have completed the online process. This requires considerable attention to detail as we are double checking their information and ability to fill out the online registration correctly. Charging credit cards of renewal and new members (requires accuracy). Updating the notes for members, each change made to a member's profile requires notes to be added to the file. What will my daily responsibilities be and how will they be communicated? The daily assignments, tasks and responsibilities will be communicated via IM, e-mail, phone and general team meetings through our central office and our team lead/office manager. Compensation: We start @ $20 hr. advancing upon individual performance. Full time @ 40 hours for hourly. Bonuses and promotions are based on individual performance. We do not pay employee health insurance, sick or vacation days. We do not pay the 40 hours of special training before possible hire; Applicant must go thru a 40 hour training session focusing on our culture, policy and procedures. This period gives both the company and the applicant an opportunity to evaluate one another to see if this is a good fit for both parties.

Requirements / Skills Needed: We are looking for a high quality executive assistant to join our team and help us manage our books. Our new Bookkeeper should be proficient in office procedures, MS Office - including Excel spreadsheets, Quickbooks, filing, computer, multi tasking, phone and e-mail etiquette. We are looking for someone who types proficiently, spells correctly in e-mail correspondence and speaks in a professional manner. Must be detail-oriented, aggressive, focused and a take-charge person. We are looking for a personable person with patience, self confidence, a willingness to learn, be a team player and help out wherever needed. Must have the ability and desire to learn new things as they come up and in turn implement new systems when appropriate, follow thru on current systems and communicate time sensitive information. This position requires good communication, organization and note taking skills. It is understood the more training received and comprehended the more enthusiastic and empowered you will be in communicating with our staff, members, vendors, sponsors, CPA and owner family members. Follow through and the ability to learn our process is very important in this position. Each time a member is enrolled or money is transacted it usually requires a series of steps performed by our staff to ensure member satisfaction. They in turn may look to our bookkeeper for verification and reports. We have developed a combination of processes created for the purpose of ensuring an error-free, efficient environment which empowers our employees to succeed. Location / Work environment: Full-time employees are set up to work out of your own home office with: A computer; A printing/copying/scanning machine; One Internet connection to log into our server: accessing company documents, databases and fax; One phone line, to be dedicated solely to us. We will be looking for the following skills: personality, reading, comprehension, research, organization, detail/follow thru, aggressiveness, office, computer, typing, e-mail correspondence, phone etiquette skills, filing, accounting and Quick books skills.


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