Remote Medical Transcriptionist

  • Remote (Anywhere)
  • Sep 21, 2021

Job Description

We are seeking MTs with 4+ years hospital transcription experience for acute care accounts. Part-time and full-time positions are available. Subcontractors only, excellent compensation. Our rate of compensation is normally per 65-character line or per report, depending on client preference and type of account. Our rates rank among the highest industry-wide. MTs are independent contractors.

MTs must have: Lanier VoiceWrite EX transcription station. Two POTS (plain old telephone service) phone lines (toll-free numbers provided). Meditech experience (please specify versions and number of years experience). MTs use regular phone lines (DSL/ADSL lines are incompatible), dial in to hospitals Lanier for dictation, and dial in on the second line to transcribe within Meditech (DOS-based data-entry software). Meditech experience is strongly advised, but others with outstanding test results and skills will be considered. U.S. MTs only. Requirements for Transcriptionists: Client-Specific software and hardware may include one or more of the following: MS Word 2000 or above, and/or WordPerfect 8.0 (depending on client preferences). Stedmans Electronic Medical Spellchecker. Reliable e-mail and dependable ISP (absolutely not AOL. AOL users must provide backup ISP). MTs must check e-mail frequently and be easily reached for questions, work assignments, etc. MediTech software. Broadband Internet connection. FTP program and familiarity with file transfers via FTP. Fax (with automated send and receive capability). eFax account and software (free fax program). Wav player (Bytescribe recommended). WinScribe pedal. Minimum of P-166 processor, 64 MB RAM, Windows 98 SE or above, open USB port, sound card). MTs must possess these skills: Excellent English language skills, spelling, sentence structure, grammar, and composition. MTs are expected to apply their knowledge and skills to polish the finished product if necessary, without changing the content. Detail-oriented. Well-versed in medical terminology, spelling and meaning. Pharmacology, Including willingness/ability to check dosages to assist dictators and ensure accurate reports. Research skills, use of references and Internet searches for addresses, new drug/procedure names, etc. Working knowledge of specified word processing programs, Multiple clients, many formats/procedures, MTs must be flexible and able to format documents correctly. Experience in multiple specialties, ENT, orthopedic, psychiatric, and substance abuse transcription beneficial. MTs must possess these characteristics: Ability to produce documents that are ready to print, accurate AND appropriately formatted. Willingness to accept PMSI guidelines, editing, and constructive suggestions. Reliability, returning completed reports within turnaround, with advance notice given for down-time or delays. Willingness to cover some weekend shifts and holidays (with compensatory rate of pay). Prospective MTs will be required to take a written test, as well as transcribe a dictation file. Candidates must be experienced and independent workers.








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