Remote Medical Language Specialist

  • Remote (Anywhere)
  • Sep 21, 2021

Job Description

Medical language specialist who interprets and transcribes dictation by physicians and other healthcare professionals regarding patient assessment, workup, therapeutic procedures, clinical course, diagnosis, prognosis, etc., in order to document patient care and facilitate delivery of healthcare services. Responsibilities: Transcribe medical dictation utilizing proprietary software and compatible foot pedal. Transcription to include acute care, and some specialties. Must maintain employers performance expectations, including attendance. Recognizes, interprets, and evaluates inconsistencies, discrepancies, and inaccuracies in medical dictation, and appropriately documents. Flags reports requiring the attention QA staff. Uses reference materials appropriately and efficiently to facilitate the accuracy, clarity, and completeness of reports. Meets quality and productivity standards and deadlines established by employer. Verifies patient information for accuracy and completeness. Formats reports according to established guidelines. Demonstrates an understanding of the medicolegal implications and responsibilities related to the transcription of patient records. Understands and complies with policies and procedures related medicolegal matters, including confidentiality, release of information, medical records as legal evidence, etc.

Qualifications: 1 year or more of recent acute care/hospital work experience. Experience with Voice Recognition a plus but not required. Knowledge of medical terminology, AHDI guidelines and procedures. Knowledge of medical transcription guidelines and practices. Ability to operate designated word processing, dictation, and transcription equipment, and other equipment as specified. Ability to access appropriate reference materials. Excellent listening skills and ability to understand diverse accents and dialects and varying dictation styles. Ability to work under pressure with time constraints. Ability to use excellent English grammar and spelling. Ability to speak, read and write the English language fluently. CMT not required but is a preferred. COMPUTER REQUIREMENTS: Windows XP or Vista (must be a 32bit OS NO 64Bit OS will work). MS Word 2003 or 2007, Word must be a Standard or Professional version. High Speed Internet (DSL or Cable ONLY -NO SATELLITE or WIRELESS). 1-2 Gigabyte of RAM Memory. 1 Ghz Processor (Pentium 3 and above). 6 GB of available disk space.






High School Diploma or GED


Based on experience