Remote Home Typist

  • Remote (Anywhere)
  • Oct 19, 2020

Job Description

We do our transcription on PCs, using Wordperfect software. You provide your work product on electronic media; no printing is required. We have several versions of WordPerfect in the office, and transcribers use versions ranging from 5.1 for DOS to version 14 for Windows. You must have your own computer with WordPerfect software, and you must be proficient in the use of WordPerfect and basic file and folder manipulation. It is very helpful to be conversant with creating and using WordPerfect macros.

This work requires excellent spelling and grammar, an extensive vocabulary, proficiency in WordPerfect, and a typing speed of 80-90 WPM. You must have a PC, preferably with WordPerfect already installed. Due to great fluctuations in volume of work and delivery times, this is really not suitable for a second job. We will furnish an analog transcribing machine for your use during the first six months, if you choose. By the end of that time, you should purchase your own transcriber; we can recommend a source. You will need to purchase a set of headphones which effectively block out outside noises, so that you can hear the recording well. We can show you the type to purchase. Your work will be on a trial basis initially, while both of us see if the work is acceptable for our needs. The first phase of training takes place in our office, usually three to five days, while we teach you the basics of this work. Then you may take work home and work there from that point on. During the training time in the office and for the first job you take home, you will be paid $7.50 an hour. As soon as you demonstrate that you are hearing accurately and have learned format properly, the pay will be 65 cents a page. (A good typist types 12-15 pages an hour; an excellent one, more than 20. Most typists reach this point within three to four months; a few take a little longer.) You must proofread your work. Once you have been trained, you will be expected to type a minimum of 250 pages a week when needed. You are welcome to type more if you want to earn more money. Many times we need more pages than that from each typist. The number of trips to the office per month required for pick-up and delivery of work varies, depending on job length and deadlines.






High School Diploma or GED


Based on experience