Remote Data Entry Clerical Assistant

  • Remote (Anywhere)
  • Sep 22, 2021

Job Description

Clerical / Data Entry. We are the manufacturers of a fully automated client communication system. In essence, we interface with a medical office practice management software system, pull the clients appointments on a daily basis, upload them to our call center, and then in a human sounding voice, call each patient and remind them of their upcoming appointment. We also do specialized communication blasts on a nightly basis. We make donation requests for non-profit agencies. We work with pharmacies letting people know prescriptions are ready, we do emergency response blasts. And MUCH more. The bottom line, each client, to set up for automatic interface, and make it function is like figuring out a technical puzzle. And each morning there is a list of 20 MFDs Missing Facility Data. Why? Because their data did not ship for any one of 400 different ridiculous reasons, that the client makes us figure out even though it really never has anything to do with us. Computers left off, software version upgrades, new operating systems, new users, changed security and permissions, changed user passwords, and on and on. Pay and benefits will depend upon experience. The base salary will be approx. 33 to 36k. The more questions that you can handle before escalating to Tier Three support or development, the higher your compensation and benefit package will increase.

This candidate must know databases, and computers, operating systems, and networking. We have a non-stop stream of new clients and are looking for a person to work with new clients and existing clients on a daily basis. We create scripts, schedule jobs, test data pulls, and much more. This is a telecommute position. The right candidate needs to have the right work ethic and environment to work from a home office. Computer and high speed Internet access is required. Most importantly, this person needs to like working over the telephone, have a great customer service personality, and have the patience of Job to work with truly incompetent, frustrating people that know less than you would think is humanly possible. Requirements: This candidate must know databases, and computers, operating systems, and networking. You must also be able to work from home in a telecommute environment.






High School Diploma or GED


Based on experience