Online Tutor

  • Remote (Anywhere)
  • Dec 8, 2021

Job Description

As an instructor, you can talk to, and hear the participants, and you can display slides, photographs, videos, other internet sites, and conduct polls. You can type on a white board and have the class share visual material with you. Our course is four hours in length, and consists of four classes of one hour in duration. These classes may be given in four consecutive days or once a week or over a month, there is lots of flexibility. An instructor must develop their own slides and curriculum, all courses and materials belong to the instructor and they are responsible for the content. We will provide a training presentation on our teaching system, that will demonstrate best interactive education practices. This will assist you to prepare your course, develop resources, and format your presentation. A Instructor may wish to teach up to four courses a day. Instructors who can teach different topics are encouraged to apply. A instructor is compensated according to the number of students in their class.

We are seeking instructors who have experience teaching adults practical courses, and have exceptional communication skills and excellent listening skills. A great telephone voice is helpful, familiarity with computer technology is required.






Associates Degree


Based on experience