Freelance Artist

  • Remote (Anywhere)
  • Jun 23, 2021

Job Description

With or without manuscript, feel free to submit photographs, transparencies, or illustrations that are in accordance with the magazines direction and style. We look for pictures that capture and/or detail the diversity of German or German-American life and culture, including images of everyday life, landscapes, people, architecture, art, festivals, and so on.

Photos should be black-and-white or color glossy prints, 4x6 or larger, with excellent focus, fine grain, and clear contrasts. Label the back of each photo with your name and caption information. Do not write directly on the back of photos, or ink stamp, or paper clip labels to them. Identify slides by writing your name, the location, and the subject on the margins. For illustrations, any medium is acceptable. With four-color art, please send 35 mm transparencies. Computer illustrators may submit four-color laser printouts of their work (e.g., maps, charts, and graphs) for consideration. In the case of black-and-white art, we prefer to first see photocopies. However, unless you are (have) a professional artist (available), submit only rough sketches for figures and diagrams. Type captions on a separate sheet of paper, along with any credit lines. Please note that every photograph or illustration with an article must be credited. A release must be signed by the person or party responsible for object(s) not open to public photography such as special museum items. In addition, to avoid legal complications and embarrassing situations, please alert us to any purchase of your work by other publications. We rarely purchase photographic material without manuscripts. Please inquire before sending any original materials. CDs or photocopies should be sent if unsolicited. With your permission, we will keep visual materials of appropriate quality and interest for our files. Photographs, slides, illustrations, and sketches are returned only upon request. (Please include a SASE.) Publication of photographs/ illustrations depends on need and topic. Include with each submission all relevant contact information, such as the artists name, mailing address, daytime telephone, fax number, and e-mail address if available. For each photograph, include a description and photo credit on a label on the back of the photo. Please do not submit more than 20 glossies or transparencies at a time. On a separate sheet of paper, include a description and photo credit for each and key to the slides/transparencies. Place slides in individual plastic protectors and in a plastic slide sleeve fit for 20 slides.






High School Diploma or GED


Based on experience