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Large Spiral Notebooks with Designs: A reproduction of a scholastic notebook with various designs on the front cover. This kit is more difficult than other kits and is not suggested for beginners. That is why we are paying $2 per notebook! This kit is similar to our other spiral notebook SET, but there is no steno pad in this kit. You only make the larger notebooks. The notebook is made by cutting out the covers and six inside sheets of paper. The covers are made from a light cardstock and the inside sheets are made from regular paper. The spiral binding is made from wire that is supplied. It is wound around a nail (that is also supplied) to get it to be the right size and then it is threaded through the holes in the covers and inside sheets. Though not required, a small pair of wire cutters makes assembly of this kit easier. In addition to the other items provided, you will find the following in this kit: sheets of notebook covers (enough to make about 120 of each) and sheets of notebook inside pages (enough to make about 120 of the insides of each) 2-3 yards of wire. The products we make vary in the amount of work it takes to make them. Many people ask for a simple product to start. People with some experience with miniatures or crafts often ask for more complicated products that we buy for more. People work from home at their own skill level. We have products that can be assembled by just about everyone. In general, the more work required to make the product the more we will buy it for. To say it another way, the amount we buy a product for is an indicator of the amount of time it takes to make the product. For example, kits that we buy for $50 take about half the time of kits that we buy for $100.