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How do I register to access work from home jobs?

How do I search and apply for work from home jobs?


Why do you require a fee and what is the money used for? Frequently Asked Questions

    HEA provides services that help job seekers find employment which goes beyond just searching and applying for jobs. The assistance we provide each of our members is performed by the freelancers, contractors and virtual assistants we hire every year. The membership fee covers the daily business expenses of running our site which includes account management, research and providing customer support to members.

How soon will I be able to locate work after I join? Frequently Asked Questions

    Your ability to land a job mainly depends on the company hiring and the experience required. Applicants with experience are more successful than those with none. Members that are interested in a variety of jobs, have flexible schedules and provide relevant work experience are able to receive faster results. We want to stress that HEA is not the employer and that we are not the ones who decide who gets contacted or hired by a company and because of this, we cannot promise or guarantee any person who joins HEA a job or that the person will be contacted about a job.

Are there any extra fees required after I join? Frequently Asked Questions

    No. All of the jobs in our database are real work at home jobs that do not require any additional fees or deposits of any kind. You will not be required to pay any additional fees to an employer for any reason as long as your membership subscription is active.

What are my chances at finding a job and are members guaranteed employment? Frequently Asked Questions

    Your chances are determined by a number of factors including your job preferences, skills, work experience and education. There are just too many factors at play such as the type of job desired or the amount of experience a job seeker has for the job. If you have the skills and qualifications, your chances at finding a job will be very good. No company can guarantee a person will be hired by an employer. Different circumstances and issues can increase or decrease your chances of getting a job.

What happens after I register and become a member? Frequently Asked Questions

    After you join, you will receive instant access to the members area where you can add your online profile, upload your resume, search and apply for jobs and access the other services and resources we have available. You will also receive confirmation emails that will include other important information and instructions so please read all email correspondence carefully.

What if I do not receive a response within 24 hours after registering? Frequently Asked Questions

    If for some reason you do not receive instant access to the members area after you order, you will be contacted by us within 24 hours with the necessary information to access the members area. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours after you order, it is more than likely we received an incorrect email address, our confirmation email may have been intercepted by your spam filters or we never received your order. If this happens, please contact us as soon as possible to get the issue resolved.

What type of computer, software and equipment do I need to work at home? Frequently Asked Questions

    Any standard computer or laptop will work just fine. However, we do recommend a computer with reliable internet, email access and a DSL or a fast internet connection. For clerical related jobs, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel are the most commonly used software for people working at home. Other software such as QuickBooks and Peachtree are popular for accounting related jobs. A printer, scanner, fax and copier are also recommended, but most likely not needed unless required by an employer. Employers will usually include any special software or equipment needed for the job in their job descriptions.

Do the jobs in the database or the companies you contact require start-up costs or fees? Frequently Asked Questions

    No. There are no extra or hidden fees required after you join. Aside from the membership fee, there are no other fees requested from HEA or from any employers using our services. We do not except companies that requests money for employment. Companies that request fees are not allowed to post their jobs in our database. This is one of the most common problems with work at home job listings. You purchase a list of jobs from a business and then the companies you contact ask you for more money. The jobs must provide an actual salary not a business opportunity, survey taking or ad posting. We do not accept or purposefully allow companies that require additional fees in our database no matter how legitimate the job may seem. We firmly believe that there is absolutely no reason a company would need to charge you a fee if they are paying you to work for them.

How many jobs are in your job database and what types of jobs are available? Frequently Asked Questions

    Members will have access to more than 10,000 legitimate work at home jobs posted on our website and over 100,000 additional remote jobs available through direct links to other sites. Our database is constantly being updated with the newest work at home jobs available. These are actual jobs with competitive salaries offered by reputable employers. All jobs no longer available are removed from the database immediately after notification. These jobs are extracted from thousands of job boards all over the Internet. We have full-time, part-time, permanent, contract, temporary and freelance jobs that pay weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Anyone from entry level applicants with no experience to professionals can use our services. Search our job database to see the type of jobs we get.

Are there jobs available in my area? Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes. Since the jobs listed can be done from home, your location is not a problem. If we do not have a job available in your particular city, state or country, it's no problem because we receive jobs from companies that hire applicants living anywhere in the world. These employers will accept resumes from applicants living in any country. As long as you have the required home office software and equipment, your location will not hinder your chances of locating employment at home. Search our job database to see the type of jobs we get.

How will I be contacted and what is the hiring procedure? Frequently Asked Questions

    Most employers will contact you through the contact details provided on your resume or profile. The preferred method of contact for employers is via email or phone. Employers will usually interview you over the phone and verify any references and work information in your resume. If the employer decides to hire you, they will usually contact you within 2 weeks of your application or submission. Any screenings, questionnaires or testing will be requested and completed prior to hiring. If you are not contacted, your resume will be placed into the company's resume database for up to 6 months for any future job openings.

Will I be an actual employee of the company and receive benefits? Frequently Asked Questions

    A majority of the companies will hire you as an Independent Contractor which means any benefits such as medical will be handled by you not the employer. Independent Contractors are people who work independently for a company without supervision. Contractors with experience are more desirable for telecommuting companies because they usually possess the attributes employers are looking for such as dependency, responsibility and work ethic. They have to trust you with the work and information that you are given to make sure that you are responsible enough to get the assignment or task completed. The companies that hire job seekers as permanent or actual employees are more likely to offer medical and other benefits.

How am I paid and when does a company pay me? Frequently Asked Questions

    Telecommuting employers prefer to pay salaries using direct deposit or via payment processors such as PayPal. Companies usually pay per project for sporadic or contract jobs and weekly or biweekly for temporary or permanent jobs.

How often do companies hire workers with no experience for a job? Frequently Asked Questions

    About 3 out of every 10 people that join us has little or no experience in the jobs they prefer and about 20% of the jobs we receive require little or no experience. It does take a little longer to locate employment for someone with no experience, but most are very successful at finding a job.

Do the companies hiring offer any health or other benefits to workers that work at home? Frequently Asked Questions

    As explained above, a majority of the companies hire Independent Contractors which means any benefits such as medical will be handled by the worker not the employer. This is one of the reasons they are able to pay Independent Contractors a higher salary. The companies that hire workers as actual employees are more likely to offer benefits. The good news is that more and more employers are choosing to offer medical and other benefits for telecommuters.

Why are these companies willing to hire someone they don't know? Frequently Asked Questions

    Employers usually contact the previous employers and references listed on your resume. If they receive satisfactory responses, they most likely will believe you can be trusted to do the job requested. Remember to always provide references and relevant work information so that employers can verify your work history and skills.

What makes this company so different from the other job sites and work-at-home companies? Frequently Asked Questions

    HEA is not going to mislead or give you any false information. We will let you know whatever you need to know upfront. Many of the people that work for us today are telecommuters and home business owners. They help us find the work at home jobs and information needed to inform our customers of various work at home opportunities and resources. You will not hear us say that we have millions of jobs to choose from or that everyone who joins HEA will find work instantly because this isn't the case and it isn't the case for any of the other work at home companies on the Internet today. You can search our work at home job listings and see the type of jobs offered before you even decide to use our services. The main reason people join HEA is because they want to find a work at home job without the run-around, fees, games and scams. This is supposed to be a very simple and straightforward procedure that shouldn't be too difficult to accomplish. In these economic conditions, we understand how difficult it is to make ends meet and we want to assure our customers that this is not just another business where they are charged fees for a list of work at home jobs. We want to make it very clear that you are NOT paying for a job; you will never have to pay to work. Every employee in our company is dedicated to making sure our members find a job. Our business would not be successful if our customers were not happy with the services we provide. We are proud to say that referrals from satisfied members and returning customers make up a majority of our business. If you need further proof of our dedication and commitment to helping people find work at home, please read our testimonials to hear what other satisfied customers have to say about us.

How do I know this is not just another scam or fraudulent scheme? Frequently Asked Questions

    HEA has helped thousands of job seekers find work at home. HEA has been in business since 1998 and we are still going strong. Our success rate for finding people jobs is over 85%. Every month, hundreds of job seekers are able to find a work at home job on our site. The jobs we post are actual jobs offered by legitimate employers with excellent reputations. We have been members of the Better Business Bureau since 2000, the World Wide Chamber of Commerce since 2008 and NetCheck since 1998.

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What are the chances that I will actually find a legitimate job that I can do from home? Frequently Asked Questions

    Over 85% of our members have been contacted or hired so far. Your ability to land a work at home job mainly depends on the type of jobs selected, the company hiring and the experience required for the position. Applicants with experience are more successful than those with none. Members that are interested in a variety of jobs, have flexible schedules and provide relevant work experience are able to receive faster results.

How do you get so many work at home jobs when they seem so difficult to find? Frequently Asked Questions

    We have a staff of 30+ freelancers, contractors and staffing specialists that scour the Internet and search over 1,000 job boards every single day looking for legitimate work at home jobs. Thousands of jobs are currently available, you just need to know where to find them. Finding remote jobs is a very time consuming process that takes a lot of patience and persistence.