How Millennial Working Mothers are Empowering One-Another

When we retrospect on the labor market, we can understand that the way women were treated in their workplace was very inconvenient. Gender discrimination has not vanished yet, but compared to the way it was present back in the days we can say that there is some evident improvement and decrease to it. At least now women have more rigid laws protecting them and times have changed when it comes down to measures to be taken regarding their treatment at work.

However, not only laws have been making a difference.

Creating a set of new traditions takes time and practice, and millennial women seem to be doing just fine while being mothers, working mothers, and entrepreneurs.

Not only they are setting an example for their children, who grow up to become more independent, urged to think critically and understand the complexity of life, but they are also setting room for open-mindedness.

Removing the old stereotypes

Even nowadays you encounter people who think that women should stay home and provide child-care. But generally, these thoughts belong to another era. The one where women were women were not urged to be ambitious.

However, Millennial women except being working mothers themselves, and setting a new tradition of actualizing work-life balance, they are also raising better generations for the near

future. According to a study, daughters who are raised by working mothers tend to have more  successful careers and seek leadership positions, whereas their sons tend to spend more quality time with their family and help their spouse in house chores.

That is how we are diminishing old gender roles and closing the gender gap.

The importance of women empowering one-another

It is devastating, the search for a balance between work and private life. You go back and forth from so many different roles within the day. However, it is being done. Working mums are proving society that they are pulling it out somehow, proving their misconceptions wrong.  

However, what’s also important is that they are sharing their success. It is being blogged about it, spoken about it and recognized by people. Working mothers are empowering one another to not let go of their passions and careers, as there is nothing selfish about seeking them through and continuing to be family devoted. If they’re not doing it from an office, they’re doing it while working from home. This is one of the telecommuting advantages you can manage to enjoy nowadays.

By talking about their rights, employers are investing in creating appropriate working conditions for women, whether that be after their return to work and after maternity leave or during their pregnancy.

Finding alternative ways

Millennial mothers are not simply holding on to the old plain ways of getting a job. They are taking the most out of technology’s benefits , by seeking flexible jobs that allow them to balance work-life. This, by choosing to pursue online careers, virtual jobs, and remote jobs because that is considered to be the new thing these days. And it works out perfectly fine, as you can feed your children within one minute and get back to your laptop by the next one.

Using your skills can never go wrong, and it doesn’t matter if you choose to do it remote or from an office. But what’s important is that the guilt of being a working parent is slowly vanishing as new alternatives arise that can offer you the balance you’re looking for.