5 Best Online Job Search Tools

These days, whilst the jobs market is tighter and more competitive than ever, there also exists a range of online tools out there to aid job hunters.

Here are five of the best online tools to help in the search for your next job.


This is a fantastic little app that you can download and synch with your Smartphone or laptop during job-hunting sessions. It will calculate travel distances, times, fastest route and methods – be that via car or public transit.

This has the duel advantage of stopping you wasting time applying for jobs that are too far away from your home, or too difficult to get to. It also ensures that when you do land your new job, it is not a commuting nightmare. You are frankly going to struggle to enjoy a job that includes a three hour round trip commute, and that travel time is also going to really cut into your non-working life.

Resume Templates

Your resume is very much your calling card, it is often the first thing a potential new employer sees of you and it is very often your first chance to get your foot in the door. At the same time, it is competing with every other resume that has been sent for a job opening, and that could run into the hundreds, even thousands.

So you really need yours to stand out, and one way to do that is with an eye-catching template. It should provide information about you that is relevant – and it should present it in a fashion that is clean and uncluttered. To aid in this there are a wealth of guides and even templates online for you to download and utilize.


If your resume template has caught the eye of a recruiter, you do not want the next thing they notice to be a big old typo. We all make mistakes when we write – spelling, grammar even the wrong word here and there. You can read a document a hundred times over and still miss one little typo – but the recruiter may not, and it may be the difference between calling you in for an interview, or going with someone else.

Run your text, including your cover letter, through something like Grammarly to make sure it is as good as it can be.


So what if you manage to get a cool new job – and on your first day you find out that the company is a garbage fire, with miserable, de-motivated staff and heinous management?  

Or what if you are moving to a new role, and your new potential employer asks what salary you expect, and you just stare back at her blankly.

Both of these situations could be avoided by performing a little background research with something like Glassdoor. You can get the feel for a company before you even bother to submit an application, potentially saving you serious time and, more importantly, from making a big mistake.


This website is quickly becoming something of a juggernaut in the recruitment world. The thing is, whilst you can certainly look for new jobs on here, it also provides so much more, making it a true one stop shop when job hunting.

What’s more, from an employer’s point of view there is a very good chance they will look you up on Linkedin during the application process. Consider your profile on this site then to be an extension of your resume. As we discussed above, your resume is as important as your calling card when job hunting – and your Linkedin profile is just as important.

Annabelle Fee is part of the community team at Next Day PC. Annabelle enjoys staying on top of the latest tech trends and sharing how new tech can positively impact people’s lives.