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Why Women Are The Future Employers

Recent research done by Babson College revealed that women are far more likely to bring innovative products and services to their customers than men. The study also found that while men are starting up business at the same rate as before, female startups experienced growth of 1%. While the proverbial glass ceiling is still an obstacle to advance in the workplace, women are taking matters into their own hands by creating the businesses they want to work for. Discover some inspiring female entrepreneurs and executives who pave the way for others.

From Hooters Waitress To COO

Kat Cole, COO of Focus Brands, didn’t go the cookie-cutter route of business school to corporate. Instead, she started off as a waitress at Hooters and was spotted by her manager as a potential rising star. She was earmarked to head over to Australia to help the brand set up there and Kat simply never looked back. One of the fundamental drivers for Kat was that many of her managers were women and that only when she got to the more senior levels, did she come across male management. The question of women succeeding in a male-dominated industry was simply not something that occurred to Kat Cole.

Empowering Women Who Make Critical Life Decisions

Women in a corporate environment tend to feel hesitant to mention their future plans for a family with their managers. This is because that period away leaves women feeling vulnerable that they will no longer have access to good projects and that their jobs might even be at risk. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg has become a pioneer for the family planning discussion, and it seems to encourage more open and frank conversations. Women who are eager to start families, no longer need to worry about the use of contraceptives anymore, as they will have the support of their employer when pregnancy rolls around, or at least that’s what Sheryl’s fighting for.

Women Have The Power, They Just Need To Unlock It

Bestselling author of Women Rocking Business, Sage Lavine, makes it her business to empower women who want to start their own businesses. It’s her duty to empower women to change around statistics in terms of business failure and will guide them to reach their goals. This means taking an honest look at the business and figuring out exactly what it needs to take off. Sage also works hard to turning businesses into six and seven-figure businesses where the owners might not have realized the potential before.

It takes the right village for women to thrive and for those who don’t have that village, it’s important to become that village. Empowering women is not solely a female thing, however, it takes a strong woman to stand in the gap for those to follow.

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