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Only the Qualified May Apply: 4 High-Paying Jobs for a Certified IT Professional worth Fighting For

Want to know which IT jobs offer the highest salary along with the best opportunities for career development once you are done with your training? In today’s economy, the use of technology is changing how businesses operate. New technology such as cloud computerization and virtualization have transformed and eliminated the traditional IT jobs which led to the creation of many IT companies. In addition to that, specialties and new jobs are required to assist many businesses to maneuver the complex world of information technology. If you are looking for the best paying IT jobs, then here are a few to consider

1. Mobile Application Developer

The development of mobile applications is one of the greatest occupations in Information Ttechnology. As the world of hand-held gadgets continues to evolve, the demand for new and effective mobile applications continues to increase. This increase in demand has led to the existence of IT skill gaps – there are numerous mobile application development vacancies in the market to be filled. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android continue to provide the most lucrative opportunities for mobile developers. Taking your IT practice exams and completing your IT course will open doors to opportunities such as this when you are finally out searching in the job market.

2. Web Developer

Just like mobile application development, web development is another lucrative field in information technology. Every year, companies bring their job offers to the internet. With the increase in online services and products, web developers continue enjoying the increase in demand for their services. The proliferation of social network continues to boost this demand as businesses search for ways to engage the younger consumer generation and spur competitive advantage. User interface, web design, and user experience skills are crucial in this position and this can be acquired by undertaking an IT course in a recognized institution.

3. Video Game Designer

Another hotly contested IT course is video game designing.  The gaming industry, for the past couple of years, has more than tripled in size. Past the PC booming market and console games, the processing power, increased popularity, and graphics capabilities of the hand-held gadgets have unveiled a world filled with numerous job opportunities in the gaming industry. Game designers, programmers, and artists have become sought-after professionals as the tablet and smartphones continue changing how the video games are played.

4. IT Security Specialist

Security remains a major priority for most hiring managers and IT executives as the scope, frequency, and complexity of cybercrime continue to increase. Time after time, IT security personnel are actively sought after by businesses, and in most cases, locating good talent has been a problem. This illustrates an incredible opportunity for professionals venturing into the field of technology to advance their skills in cyber security. Currently, computer security skills that are highly sought after include mobile device security, IT operations security, information assurance, risk management, and network and virtualization security.

As is the case with any other profession, it all comes down to choosing an IT career which fits you. Begin your IT career by starting your education today, and choose a field that works best for you.

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