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Telecommuters Need to be Patient

Searching for jobs can be one of the most frustrating things a person will do in their lifetimes. Job seekers send out hundreds of resumes to employers and if they are lucky they will get a call back from about 5% of the them. For virtual assistants this can be ten times more difficult that for the average job seekers. The number of remote jobs available to telecommuters compared to regular job seekers is like one remote job to every ten regular jobs.

The amount of jobs that can be done at home are a lot less than those that can be done on-site. The choices are few so virtual job seekers must have extra skills, experience and advantages that the regular job seekers do not. Employers that hire telecommuters must be assured that the worker will perform the job on time and meet any deadlines. They must be confident that the virtual assistants will not have any distractions or problems that will stop them from performing their jobs.

Finding the right candidate is only part of the problem, the other is the availability of quality positions available. Telecommuters believe they can find the same type of position as they can get when searching for other jobs. For every one decent remote jobs, there are at least five scams or non-jobs that require an investment or the selling of a product to make money. Since most people are not natural born sellers, these jobs are not viable options.

Jobs such as medical transcription, medical billing, accounting, web design and customer service are perfectly suited for working at home. They only require software or a separate phone line to get started which most telecommuters will already have available in their homes or on their computers.

Telecommuters must be patient and make sure they know where to look because not all job boards are the same. Some are better than others and provide better results. Many companies that post mainly telecommuting positions require fees to search their job listings because of the difficulty of finding legitimate ones. It usually takes over one hour to find a couple of jobs. If locating a telecommuting job is hard then finding one will be even harder. Keep your head up and remain vigilant. It will not be an overnight process and can take a long time, but eventually you will be successful.

By S. Marie Surles, President of

Marion Harrington

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