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Oct 26, 2016
Customer Care goes far beyond the dreaded “Thanks, please hold” model of support. Our Customer Care Advocates possess undeniable charisma – they are the kind of people who make friends wherever they go, and can relate to anyone… about anything. Thanks to our friendly, genuine and just-plain-helpful advocates, a call to the our Customer Care line feels like a chat with an old friend.Here’s what a typical day for a Virtual Customer Care Advocate (CCA) includes:Assist users through phone, email and chat with inquiries about account management, billing issues, content and basic site and application navigationRelay expert knowledge of the our service to users like your mom or grandpa in an easy-to-digest wayCommunicate user feedback and blocking issues to Customer Care Escalation Engineers with detail and precisionStrive to meet team-wide performance goalsTriage out-of-scope user contacts to Tech Support and Tier II Customer Care
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